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"Without Set Designing, There'd Be No Star Wars... InFact There'd Be No Movies."

This is my little but very life like Diorama. It was mostly made from FoamCore & lots of decals. The best part about this Diorama is that I made my own background :-)! If you may have any guestions, I'm always here to help you out. Plus if you would like the BackGround I used for this Diorama,

Want the BackGrounds I use for my Dioramas? Well just check below to see what you like.

Click here Enjoy!




Jango & Boba Fett's Apartment

  • The coolest Obi-Wan Kenobi I must have ever made.
  • Walking to meet the Jango Fett.
  • Youth Boba Fett escorts Master Kenobi to Jango & Boba's dinning area.
  • Kenobi talks to Tuan We about this Jango Fett.
  • Jango Fett is stunned by the Jedi that stays before him.
  • A quick look at the resources Kaminoians provide.
  • Finally Kenobi interacts with this mysterous Bount Hunter.
  • Jango speaks to Boba in Kamino to hide Jango's armor.
  • Jango's armor is exsposed to the public, as you can see.
  • Boba hurries & closes Jango's door.
  • This is just a quick shot of the other side of the Apartment.
  • "Boba, pack your things were leaving."
  • "Today on 'Jango Living' we have a LightSaber from the very first Jedi Jango's killed!"
  • "And here we have a loving set of Kamino merchandise."
  • "Boba goto your room!"
  • "I wish I were a Jedi instead..."
  • Alright, I confess I had no idea what Boba's room looked like so I kinda took it upon myseld to make my own. Kinda dool but it tells you something...
  • ______________________________________________________

    Battle Of Geonosis

  • Nikto Blocking a blaster Shot.
  • Maces' turn to block a shot from Jango Fett.
  • Shaak Ti showing off her amazing skills.
  • A cool shot of how deep the Arena is.
  • Another cool shot of the other side of the Arena's top view.
  • Some Geonosian Worriors falling from the Arena.
  • Eeth Koth with force Action!
  • Some bodies going to be cut short.
  • Awesome shot of dead Droids.
  • This shows how big the poles were compared to the Jedi's.
  • Look at what Obi-Wan did!
  • Victory?
  • ______________________________________________________

    Imperial Bunker (Back Door)

  • Bunker(pic 1)
  • Bunker(pic 2)
  • Bunker(pic 3)
  • Bunker(pic 4)
  • Bunker(pic 5)
  • Bunker(pic 6)
  • Bunker(pic 7)
  • Bunker(pic 8)
  • Bunker(pic 9)
  • Bunker(pic 10)
  • Bunker(pic 11)
  • ______________________________________________________

    (WW2) Saving Private RyanVersion 1 (Made, 5/2/00)

  • Saving Private Ryan Set!
  • SPR (View 2)
  • SPR (View 3)
  • SPR (View 4)
  • SPR (View 5)
  • SPR (View 6)
  • SPR (View 7)
  • SPR (View 8)
  • SPR (View 9)
  • SPR (View 10)
  • SPR (View 11)
  • SPR (View 12)
  • SPR (View 13)
  • SPR (View 14)
  • SPR (View 15)
  • SPR (View 16)
  • ______________________________________________________

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