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Get to know, the Jedi you deal with!

"Another Jedi Must Know As Much About Another As Well Himself." -//////////


  • Custom Work(s): SW Customs figs,SW Dioramas,SW Trades
  • Weapon Of Choice: 3 Linked Lightsabers (Gold With A White Core)
  • Favorite Ship: Expanded B-Wing Fighter
  • Jedi Name: Merell Fett
  • Favorite Chracter(s): Boba Fett, Darth Maul, Devin Fealth, Yun, limuga, Scoutroopers, Hon solo
  • Favorite Figure To Customize: Any X-wing Pilots, Stormtroopers /////////////
  • What I Like Making Best: Dioramas!!!
  • My Favorite Diorama: "Now You Can't Leave"


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