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You Are Now Entering Kwerksworld...there is no turning back...

Meet some of The Inhabitants....

Pictures and Founder bios

The Dark Angel
Jarbus Alve
Tsoppen Tay
Meet the Founders of Kwerksworld

This my friends is Kwerksworld, a world of many inhabitants, many whose backrounds have yet to be revealed. Take Sevv for instance, a murderous, edgy space pirate who has no backround, but i play him in Kwerksworld so i can give him a backround. There are only two non-taken characters to begin with but if you write in and tell me what character you want i will make them. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We play through email and AOL IM, and personal chats so for instance i can mail the player of Dreith and say my ship lands on his outpost in space, he can write back saying what will happen and so commences a battle between us if necessasry and agreed on both sides. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now that you know how to play write in! Note: this site has few pictures. The only pictures are some of the ones next to a description of a character on the pictures page which is comeing. This site is under construction so PLEASE it might look awful now but when it comes together you will be amazed.... ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here are the rules on how to fight....Every character has 35 health points to begin with, a Standard Attack takes away 5 health points if it hits you and does not have any recoil. There are other attack like the Super Laser in which you must forfeit 6 or more damage points to fire it. The damage points you forfeit times two is the health points it takes away from the victim, plust the Super Laser always hits. Then there is Speed. The maximum speed is 15 which takes 4 health points away from you but lets you eveade any attack but the Super Laser. The lowest speed level is 8 which is a jog and will not let you get away from anything. The Way to judge on if you escaped an attack or not is this. Every attack has a speed number, if you go that speed or below you get hit. EVERY TIME YOU GO UP IN SPEED YOU LOSE 2 POINTS. Then the last thing is Rejuventation. Some characters like Sevv and The Dark Angel can rejuvenate limbs. Others like Zsart and Dreith cant. So we must Rejuvenate. To Rejuvenate forfeit attacking 2 times s you are paralysed while you rejuvenate to full health. YOU CAN BE ATTACKED WHILE YOU REJUVENATE. IT IS LEGAL. now here is a list of all the attacks who can use them and who cant. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Laser Eyes -- Speed:10, no forfeiting, health points:5, everyone can use ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sevv Blast -- Speed:13, no forfeiting, health points:9, only Sevv can use ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Zsart Gun -- Speed:13, no forfeiting, health points:9, only Zsart can use ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dreith Blast -- Speed:13, no forfeiting, health points:9, only Dreith can use ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Vikent Blast -- Speed 12, no forfeiting, health points:9, only Vikent can use ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Angel's Light -- Speed 13, no forfeiting, health points:10, only the Dark Angel can use. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tay Blast--Speed 13, no forfeiting, health points:9, only Tay can use ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Jarbon Laser Phaser-- Speed 13, no forfeiting, health points:9, only Jarbon can use ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Super Gun -- YOU CANNOT EVADE THIS ATTACK, 6 or more forfeiting, health points: whatever you forfeit time 2, Sevv, Dreith, Jarbon and The Dark Angel and Tay can use this attack ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Abomination -- Speed:14, 5 forfeiting, health points:15, only Zsart can use this attack ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gun Down -- Speed:12, 3 forfeiting, health points:14, Vikent, Tay and Sevv can use this attack ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Zarlong -- Speed 11, 3 forfeiting, health points:12, Vikent, Jarbon and Zsart can use this attck ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hand Blast -- Speed 10, 2 forfeiting, health points:5, Everyone can use ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dakoom Sword Slice -- Speed: YOU CANNOT EVADE THIS ATTACK, 11 forfeiting, health points 18, Sevv,Tay, Zsart, Jarbon and Dark Angel can use this attack ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sonic Wave -- speed:14, 10 forfeiting, health points: 17, Zsart and Vikent can use this attack ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sevv HellBlast -- speed:13, 10 or more forfeiting, health points: whatever you forfeit time two, only Sevv can use ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BloodSlash -- speed:12, 11 forfeiting, health points:17, only Dark Angel, Jarbon and Tay can use ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kamakaze -- YOU CANNOT EVADE THIS ATTACK,IT KILLS YOU WHEN YOU USE IT, health points:24, everyone can use it ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Those are all the attacks you can use now, hear are some weaknesses of characters. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sevv -- weak to water and takes three turns to rejuvenate, however he can fly allowing him advantages. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dreith -- weak to eye beams which means instead of 5 it will do ten and he is weak to physical attacks. He cannot rejuvenate. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Zsart -- weak to eye beams and can not rejuvenate. He can fly also. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Vikent Morlado -- weak to most attacks but can order people around and scare the daylights out of them. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Dark Angel -- ??? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well, y'know I was thinking about what I should do next and it struck me that every character should have a Special Attack so here they are...The Special Attacks. The reason the attacks have such long names is because they are stronger than others and long ago there was a great Wizard who gave creatures the Ability to use Special Attacks but as not to confuse these attack with common ones the name were longer and set apart from the other attacks. Instead of decriptive names they were given long names in the native Kwerkish tongue. Dont fret though this mighty Wizard gave the attacks shorter nicknames so people would remember how to say them in a fight. And this great Wizard's name was...Jerbus Alve. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Karkanta Envyo Okaun (Karenkaun)-- The Dark Angels Special Attack, speed 12, forfeiting 5 or more the more you forfeit the more the health points go up, health points 15 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ertastio Maaken Lepole (Ertmalep)-- Zsarts Special Attack, same stats as above ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Azk Azkora Azkan (Azkokan)-- Vikent's Special Attack, same stats as above ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Zewzen Tobora Keptyde (Zeerady)-- Tays Special Attack, same stats as above ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Urokora Etraloyd Zubtytude (Uretz) Sevvs Special Attack, same stats as above ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Derm ermpolo Botoid (Deboto) Jerbus' Special Attack, same stats as above ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________