Using prophetic journals, one man stands against an impending alien onslaught. Will we survive the Firstwave?

First Wave is an hour long dramatic television series, which fuses two classic television genres - science fiction and fugitive story. It premiered nationally in Canada in September 1998, on Space: The Imagination Station and also airs on KVOS Television, which broadcasts in the Pacific Northwest region of Canada and the United States. First Wave premiered on Sci-Fi in the United States n March 1999. Created by Chris Bancato (Hoodlum, Species 2, The X-Files, Outer Limits), the series revolves around the one man who can save the Earth from a hostile take-over by aliens, who pose as humans while systematically attempting to wipe out mankind. A modern day Fugitive, the reluctant prophet is branded a lunatic and must leave everything that he loves and go underground to try and convince mankind that the end of the Earth is imminent. Francis Ford Coppola, an Academy Award winning filmmaker and director (The Godfather trilogy, Apocalypse Now, The Conversation, The Black Stallion, Bram Stoker's Dracula), executive produces First Wave with Vidatron's Larry Sugar. First Wave is shot on location in Vancouver, BC.

Firstwave Episode Reviews

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SciFi: Firstwave


Episodes (US Airdates)

Season 1 (1998-1999)

(22 Episodes In Season 1)

1. Blue Agave (Originally Aired 3/14/1999)
2. Subject 117 (Originally Aired 3/19/1999)
3. Crazy Eddie (Originally Aired 3/26/1999)
4. Mata Hari (Originally Aired 4/2/1999)
5. Hypnotic (Originally Aired 4/9/1999)
6. Elixir (Originally Aired 4/16/1999)
7. Speaking In Tongues (Originally Aired 4/23/1999)
8. Lungfish (Originally Aired 5/7/1999)
9. Book Of Shadows (Originally Aired 6/11/1999)
10. Joshua (Originally Aired 6/18/1999)
11. Marker 262 (Originally Aired 6/25/1999)
12. Motel California (Originally Aired 7/9/1999)
13. Breeding Ground (Originally Aired 7/16/1999)
14. Cul-De-Sac (Originally Aired 7/30/1999)
15. The Box (Originally Aired 8/13/1999)
16. The Undesirables (Originally Aired 8/20/1999)
17. Second Wave (Originally Aired 9/10/1999)
18. Blind Witness (Originally Aired 9/17/1999)
19. Deluge (Originally Aired 9/24/1999)
20. Melody (Originally Aired 10/1/1999)
21. The Aftertime (Originally Aired 10/8/1999)
22. The Decision (Originally Aired 10/15/1999)

Season 2 (1999-2000)

(22 Episodes In Season 2)

23. Target 117 (Originally Aired 1/9/2000)
24. Deepthroat (Originally Aired 1/16/2000)
25. The Apostles (Originally Aired 1/23/2000)
26. Susperience (Originally Aired 1/30/2000)
27. The Channel (Originally Aired 2/6/2000)
28. Red Flag (Originally Aired 4/2/2000)
29. Prayer For The White Man (Originally Aired 4/9/2000)
30. The Purge (Originally Aired 4/16/2000)
31. Lost Souls (Originally Aired 4/23/2000)
32. The Heist
33. Ohio Players
34. Night Falls
35. Normal, Illinois
36. All About Eddie
37. Playland
38. The Harvest
39. Rubicon
40. The Last Temptation
41. Gladiator
42. Trial Of Joshua Bridges
43. Underworld
44. The Believers

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