What We Deserve

Its a rather dark peice, dealing

with domestic violence Slayer

Style. Faith/Buffy!!!


WARNING: Physical

and mental abuse... rough sex.


Faith and Angelare together some

where down the line, they only

have one problem.


Moving On To Better Things

This is a Faith/Angel peice. My

happy version of what happened

when Angel finaly moves on. *g*


It's Better This Way

Buffy and Angelus finish

things a diffrent way. This

is kinda a sad peice, people.



No Not Mice!!

Spike dances to the Ramones, Buffy

and Angel watch. This is really

spaztic, I but fun/


The Things We Do For Love

A Spike/Faith PWP written for Dru,

as bribery. Oral sex in the cemetary...

what more could you ask for?


Promise Me Something

Vibrating chair, slayer on her rag,

and Spike. Yet another Spike/Faith

PWP... these are really written cause

I'm blocked and Dru loves them...

anything to keep her writing! *g*


When I Met Him

This is a fic from Faith's POV, it is very rambling,

and jumps around allot, but it was honestly

meant to be a Faith/Spike fic.

RATING: PG-13; There is mention of mutalation

and blood play... nothing real gorey though!


A fic I wrte a while bick, before

the start of season four, and the

end of season three. Spike and

Angel live together, guess what

they share... or would it be who.

RATING: NC-17; Adult language and situations.

ReBirth Day

This was written for a friend,

it takes place in the Sharing-Verse.

It's Spike's rebirthday, sex and

violence ensue.

RATING: NC-17; Adult language and situations.

Beautiful Friendships

This is a new series I'm starting. It's got both

our favorite slayers with our two most favorite vamps.

They live together... and of course sleep together.

RATING: NC-17; Adult language and situations.

When You Feel the Need

To be perfectly honest I don't

know where this fic came from, or

how to summerise it. It's kind of

poetic erotica... or something.

RATING: NC-17; Adult language and situations.

Sinful Nature

This fic started off as a roleplay that we

weren't capable of yet. I thought the idea

was too good to let go to waist. So I turned

it into a fic. Hope you like.

RATING: NC-17; Adult language and situations,

also has stong BDSM themes to it!

The Young & The Clueless

It's basicaly a giant soap opra done in the

BtVS verse... where we muck everything

up, and make them do naughty type things.

RATING: NC-17; Adult language and situations.

The Evil Willow Series

I can almost garentee this

is not what you think, but

nothing I write ever is. Right

now it's just speratic stories from

a series I wrote. These are the only

parts I could find. I will go back

and fill in the wholes. I promise. I

wouldn't even post this except, Sandra

would kick my ever lovin' butt! *g*

Sandra this it for you, love!

RATING: NC-17; Adult language and

situations. This series contains F/F and deals

with DBSM. Not for the weak or faint at heart.

Chicken Soup

Please don't ask. This kind of stuff happens

all the time. I don't know why. Just be thankful

that this is the only one I can find, right now.

There are more of them. Do I know where they

are... no... but I'm sure I can find them....

*evil laughter. Run!!!

RATING: Pg-15 ~ R (maybe); Adult language and situations.



I do not own nor am I in any way affiliated with, 20th centurey Fox or Warner Brothers and the people who make and or are in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series. Please don't sue me... I don't have anything you would want!