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This site last updated 26/12/2000!

This site will be totally overhauled over the Christmas period, with a brand new jump page, and details of all the new experiments to be conducted during 2001. God bless you all, and let us make the new year a year of unparalleled experimentation

Any followers of Project Angel, please click here.

This is a video of a plane which is very close to my heart. NOTE! - lack of exhaust gases or "heat haze" coming from the engines, even at take-off when they hould be at their hottest.

James O. Batchelor

The Electric Rocket or Gravity Capacitor

A device that was invented accidentally by someone trying to create Fizeau's serial capacitor. Will it get off the ground?Updated 20/11/2000

Project ANGEL

Project ANGEL explores exciting new flight technologies, such as my development of the Glow Discharge Plasma Jet, and electrogravitic vertical takeoff techniques......Updated 28/6/2000!

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a genius, inventing many of the infrastructures and technologies we rely on today - I explore some of his work.Updated 23/8/2000

Thomas Townsend Brown

Electrogravitic Projects and Links. The man who opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Spaceflight and Propulsion. Updated 27/6/2000!

The Searl Effect Generator

- The Ultimate Free Energy Device?Updated 8/11/2000!

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Darlabs - a new collective and clearing house for these sciences - particular emphasis on electrogravity. An excellent site.

Steve Dufresne's site - particularly relevant to those interested in TT Brown's work with Agnew Bahnson in 1958-60.

Jean-Louis Naudin's page and the home of JLN Labs. A huge wealth of information, and an egroup for researchers who are interested in sharing their findings.

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