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Project ANGEL

Artificial Negative Gravito-Electric Lift

Project Angel is a development of various technologies which I have been researching, and contains many elements of Advanced Propulsion (AP) science. The aim of the Project is not unlike JLN's Project ARDA, with the purpose being to create a flight-viable aerospacecraft. In uncovering the necessary data for the project, I owe a debt of gratitude to those who run the Official Thomas Townsend Brown Website, which has furnished me with much information regarding the Biefeld-Brown Effect. I am also owe my thanks to Steve Dufresne.

Here below are the various elements which are leading to the creation of the ANGEL aerospacecraft...

Data pertaining to the main pod of ANGEL, which holds the electric and avionic systems. New, and under construction

The power needs of ANGEL will be met by a new power unit. Here is my suggestion for a solution.

Some preliminary studies as to what the ANGEL craft might actually look like when fully integrated, with massive-K wings, GDP-Jet SAINT system, and the GWS weight reducer.

Results of some experiments done with the type of wing to be used on board ANGEL, and what this represents for the project. Updated 28/6/2000!

One of the greatest gains for the health of Project ANGEL. T.T. Brown noticed that when the dielctric was not refreshed, the gravitator would eventually lose it's thrust - My solution.

Design plans for a variation on an active OAUGDP device for propulsion - the SAINT Plasma Jet.

The GWS System. ANGEL is a heavy craft, and the GWS is designed to impart a weight reduction at takeoff and during strenuous maneuvers.