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Created 31/12/2000
Last Edited 8/1/2001

The Ether (or Aether) surrounds us and permeates us. Like Obi Wan Kenobi's description of the Force, it is everywhere and is a sea of energy. Supposedly disproved by the apparent failure of the Trouton-Noble experiment around the turn of the last century, Ether could yet prove to be a vital chip in the game of physics. Relativity and Quantum mechanics both assume a constant speed for light, the c in E=Mc2, but this is not necessarily the case. Experiments in France measured variations of up to 120 miles per second in the speed of a laser beam. This is scientific heresy! If the Ether returned, not only would we be left with a variable speed of light, but could potentially effect Gravity and Time control too..........

The Trouton-Noble Experiment was a test to detect Ether drift using a charged capacitor, long before Thomas Townsend Brown began to experiment. What it went wrong, why it can work, and how to do it.

Cellular gravitators - the mainstay of the experiments done by Thomas Townsend Brown. See my replication.