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This site was last updated the 27/03/2001

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The new projects, plus plans for my work in 2001. These sections will be fairly lean to begin with, much of the prior work being found in the old section. What lies below is the latest information.

The pursuit of Electrogravitic thrust. Experiments which both confirm the existence of this effect, and attempt new practical approaches for propulsion applications.

Although it was abandoned initially in mid-2000, experiments are now re-commencing on the ANGEL Project. The aim is to produce a flight-viable Electrogravitic aircraft. The first prototype is finished - see the latest.....

One of Thomas Townsend Brown's lesser investigated inventions is that of his purported Gravity Wave transmitter. Here, I suggest means for a replication, and look at the Hodowanec circuit too.

The effects and devices which may or may not provide something for nothing. I have done simple tests, and where possible, tried to assess their veracity.

Click here to enter the old EclipseLab, with articles and information dating up until Christmas 2000. The subjects dealt with here are:
The Electric Rocket
Old Project ANGEL files
Nikola Tesla
Thomas Townsend Brown
The Searl Effect Generator

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