Kuran Deragoon: Dragon no Senshi Elementia

It is a story about adventure, drama and romance. The ongoing saga of a noble family that spans generations to come. The Romance of the Four Kingdoms, the Saga of the Clan Dragoon. Led by the leaders, Lance and Amalthea Dragoon, it is through their love and strength which gives the family hope in bringing peace and restoration to their homeland.

For about three years now, this group still ran by me, is ever vigilant and stronger than ever. We're a different group than other groups cause we're the only group to be totally commited to our cause, and that our relationships span out of character as well as in character. Long time back, it was a rule not to merge role play with reality. To this day, we dare to take that step to go past what is beyond the character's mind and merge some true experience into it. Some people cannot do this. Some reasons would be they become mentally disturbed and would warp everyhing out of text, and that is something we cannot handle. We drive it out and away from us as far as possible for our safety and peace of mind. What the cD truly means outside this cyber-world into the world we know is a boost of self-confidence. That anyone who can dare to go out in the world and seek their destiny can accomplish anything they wish for..

I've learned that from playing role-playing games and understanding the concepts of the story..it falls into play with reality too. As much as the world tells you things you can't do..they're really wrong. To be challenged is but a task, to own up to it is the answer. I think that is why I made cD..I am a real, present day knight that is rebellious and noble to the very end. I wanted to bring people together..and to bring someone special into my own life to share this entire legacy with. That's what cD truly stands for..

The road to making this group successful was not easy. It was indeed hard, but I had help to my devoted friends, true friends that I have that stuck with me no matter what.

To my dear Lady Cyn, dearest sister and faithful advisor..thank you for pushing me to keep going when things got tough.

To my old queen in Moonstone, Gwen (Maria), thank you so much for giving me a home to protect and to where I spent most of my time in role-play when I first began. To me, you were, still, and always will be like an online mother and not to mention, you're the coolest queen I ever served under as a Dragon Knight.

To my buddies or should I say my brothers, James and Chris (Sky and Crim)..you guys really deserve thanks for the past episodes we had in Moonstone, it's been real and fun.

To Tammy (Odyssia), my best friend, many thanks for extending our reaches to other planes much more bigger than TC. It is greatly appreciated.

To Amy (Snow/Emerald), my partner in justice...whereever you find your happiness, let that heart of yours stay free like a dove.

To Diane, my sister-in-law..Your home is always with us no matter what. Whenever you need a shoulder, we're there for you regardless.

And last, but certainly not the least..to my true love Nicole for actually giving me my smile back and peace to my heart, mind and soul. For giving me strength back when I was losing mine. And a home to belong to.

  • ~Israel Barbarin (aka Sir Lancelot Tenchi Ryu Dragoon)