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Kashmiri Puri


Plain flour

1 cup

Wheat flour

1 cup

Aniseed, roasted & ground

1 tbsp.

Dry yeast

1 tsp.

Warm milk

5/8 cup


2 tbsps.


2 tbsps.

Saffron strands

8 strands

Poppy seeds

1 tsp.

Ghee for deep frying

As required


1/2 tsp.



1.Sprinkle yeast and 1 tsp sugar over warm milk, cover and leave aside for 30 mins.

2.Sift together wheat flour, plain flour and salt in a bowl, add the remaining sugar and aniseeds.

3.Gradually pour the yeast mixture and knead well for 15-20 mins till the dough becomes soft,cover with a damp cloth and keep aside for 4-6 hours (for best results keep overnight).

4.Next morning knead again and divide the dough into 20 balls.

5.Mix saffron, curd and poppy seeds together and leave aside for 15 mins.

6.Roll out each ball into a 4" round puri and smear one side of each puri with the saffron mixture before frying.

7.Heat ghee in a pan and fry 1-2 puris at a time until it turns golden brown.

8.Serve hot with dahi.