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  • The Original Manual from Alpha Control issued to Major West.
  • An ad by the one and only "Catfish".

    I also have the following actual documents...

  • Electrodata Datatron Programming and Coding Manual
  • Burroughs 205 Central Computer Handbook (Bulletin 3021)
  • Burroughs 205 Paper Tape System Handbook (Bulletin 3022)
  • Burroughs 205 Card Converter Handbook (Bulletin 3023)
  • Burroughs 205 Magnetic Tape System Handbook (Bulletin 3024)
  • Burroughs 205 Model 560 Datafile Handbook (Bulletin 3026)
  • Burroughs 205 Control Console and Consolette (Bulletin 3027)
  • Burroughs 205 Floating Point Control Unit (Bulletin 3028)
  • Burroughs 205 Tape Preparation Unit (Bulletin 3033)
  • Friden Flexowriter - Justowriter Adjustment Manual
  • Burroughs 220 Schematic Diagrams

    Due to the size of these documents, I do not plan to put them on this site.
    Check the "LINKS" page and goto the UVA for a sampling of the Burroughs
    Manuals. Also on the "LINKS" page is the contact info for Herb Johnson
    who will be glad to make copies of the Flexowriter manuals.