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This is the updates page for Shapeshifter Holt, we'll have information on new updates, polls, and our guestbook on this page. Sign the guestbook if you've got any comments or email The newest updates are at the top -- Updates are always on Sundays unless I find that life is too busy to update

Oops, I just realized that I had my months all mixed up on the updates page. Oh well. Anyway, I'm shutting down the Holt today, it will be reopened soon after the Elfquest movie coems out in theaters in Spring 2002. Nothing will be erased, but there will be no new members added and no new updates. 8/2/01

I posted all the elves today as I said I would yesterday, but some of the entries were not posted due to their descriptions being either too brief, too obscure, or too un-Elfquest-ish (ie: a nymph). These new members are spread throughout the areas of the Holt, and have very interesting, detailed descriptions, worth reading. I also have a sketch of mine that I posted in Gallery 5 which relates the scene of the Holt gates being closed.7/30/01

I promise, this is the last update for today. I added a ton of pictures by the incredibly talented creator of Andorra to the Gallery. They are in galleries 4 & 5. And I cleared out most of the old updates too. 7/29/01

I just checked all new member applications and there were a TON. So I quickly looked through them and immediately deleted most of those which did not follow submission guidelines. There were a couple of exceptions, and I'll be sending emails to the creators of those particular elves today. I'll also send emails to the elves that had no errors about their elf's acceptance. All new elves will be posted tomorrow.7/29/01

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