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Featured Stories:

A New Life - Two girls, some guys, some more girls, a chemistry class, and some pudding. It's not what you think, trust us!!! There's more than that to it!!!
the original A New Life - Maybe you should read this one first!!! It's the unfinished first version (thanks to Patrick!!! Loser!!!)

Starry Night Skies - MaryB's tale of a girl who's wanted by the government for seeminly being out of this world. Hmmm...

Also, check out the Savage Garden FanFics!!! (They're about 2 years old, back when we were just starting this stuff!!!)

Links to everything coming soon!!! For now, here's what we've got!!! Granted, it doesn't help if you don't have a link to click!!!
MaryB  (LunaSol)
   Crystal  (RavenKira)   
Crystal and MaryB
Starry Night Skies
...and you wouldn't ... (SG FF)
A New Life
A New Life (original)
A Savage Race ... (SG FF)


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