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The Treasure of Lemon Brown

“The Treasure of Lemon Brown” is a short story written by Walter Dean Myers.

Main Characters: · Lemon Brown is a poor, homeless, old African American. He lives alone since his wife is dead and son was killed in the war. Lemon once sang the Blues until he was doing so good that he couldn’t sing about how bad things were. · Greg Ridley is a boy who wants to play basketball. He lives in the ghetto, does not pay attention in class and steps into Lemon’s building to get out of the rain.

Setting: · The story takes place in a tenement, which is an old, abandoned, run down apartment building. Plot: · After an argument with his father, Greg runs off and meets up with Lemon Brown in the old building Lemon lives in. Lemon Brown talked to Greg about how he lost his Blues because he was happy and about his treasure. Some guys came in looking for Lemon’s treasure and Lemon scared them away.

Theme: · Everybody has a treasure. A man’s treasure may not seem like much to somebody else but it is still worth a lot to him.

Great Quote: “I’m not looking for your treasure,” Greg answered, smiling. “If you have one.” “What you mean, if I have one,” Lemon Brown said. “Every man got a treasure. You don’t know that, you must be a fool!”

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