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*juliette hope*

6/28/04--10:54pm-- yay for me, i have almost enough unreleased hanson songs for an album. little accomplishments... today i worked on the yardsale for like 5 hours and then ashli and i went to the mall to get her hair cut. that was fun because i washed my hair in the bathroom.. haha.. i dried it and everything. it actually looked okay.. :-/ weird, yes, but effective. then we went outside and i left her phone on the ground so we had to go back and get it but all was well, because it was not taken. and im going to apply at DEB, providing Jeff doesn't hire me.. i'd really rather work at bullmoose, but i am indeed a youngen (meaning 16) so that isn't going to happen for a few years. i do need cash however, so a job is in the future! :) woot.. well, that is all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6/27/04--4:01am-- woot, yes, guys that is correct.. i have decided to make this the ultimate blog ever.. cuz i am, indeed, cool like that. no actually, i am just a loser for even bothering, but whatever. hanson shows right around the corner. lots of preparation. yard sale for cash, the 2 of july.. pants, done. shirts, need to be done, but they're easy so whatever. hats are done.. all that is left is.. i dont know. whatever. the point is, almost here. *July 20, and August 22* the days i will die. on a different note, apparently i missed a show yesterday at the KC hall.. that kinda sucks, but it wasn't a ska show anyways, so all is well. well.. i believe that is all for my first "post".. expect more.. because with the dawn of summer, come an ever more psychotic julie. it happens..

> i just want you to know who i am <