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Please read this before purchasing anything by the user Vglq on eBay, or Vglq is a thief, and a fraud!

You're about to see photos of what Vglq (Video Game Liqidators) consider to be a "100% Guaranteed" product, in "excellent" condition. Not only does the game I purchased from them NOT work, but the game even SAYS SO on the back!

The game says "defective merchandise", and "would not work", with the option "exchange" checked. Apparently if they do anything at all about a bad product, they just ship it out to the masses all over again! Take a look at this:

How about this one here:

Obviously this was NO mistake, but rather robbery via mail. As you can see from both the LARGE defective merchandise slip, and the non-working disc full of nothing but scratches, Vqlq STOLE from me! Don't worry though, because it's all "100% Guaranteed". 100% guaranteed that they'll STEAL from you!

They absolutely refused to give me a refund for this game, and insisted that I ship it back to them at MY expense, so they could send me another garbage copy! Vglq deals with THOUSANDS of people through both eBay, and Click HERE to see Vglq's eBay feedback. Be sure to check the negative, and neutral feedback if you want to avoid getting scammed! 39 negatives in ONE month. Wow.

Feel free to email Vglq by clicking HERE, or by using the following address:

Hopefully after reading this, you'll know enough to stay away from Video Game Liquidators: Vglq on eBay, and I didn't know this earlier, so they took my money. Oh well. Maybe this will save someone else a little trouble. Thanks for reading.