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More Vampire Cats

This is Gabriel, one of my very own cats. You can imagine my fright when I made this discovery!

This is Jack. A rather sly looking vampire cat, don't you think?

This is Abagail, caught just in time before she attacked baby Zoe.

This is Desmond. He is a very nice cat till you make him mad. He will let you know who is boss.

This is Cookie.

This is Charky, a.k.a. "Count Charkula".

Indy is a purebred Sphynx, and most definitely a true Vampire Cat!

This is Ouija. She will hypnotize you with her eyes, but she lurks beneath the covers during the day and will attack at night!!!

This is KT.

These wonderful paintings are from Carrie at Tigerpixie Art Studio. Just click on the pics to visit her site.

This is Poppy aka BooBoo. She's from Auckland, New Zealand.

This is Corbin aka Fruit, because he looks like a fruit bat.

This is M.C. (short for momma cat) aka Blue Eyes

This is Luke, a 1 year old domestic short hair silver tabby.
You can check out his website by clicking on his picture.

This is "Lamborghini" AKA Ghini, she is a baby British Shorthair blue cat.

This is Kramer.

This is Scooter.

This is Maya Dream.

This is LaPuce.

This is Roy. "A Cornish rex with an appetite for mouse bellies. Even his molars are fangs!"
Just click on Roy's picture to visit some of his family.

This is Bugs. Looks like he was caught by surprise!

This is Scrapper. Looks like you better watch out for her!

This is Cosmo, a one year old vampire kitty from Australia.

This is Nosy, one fierce vampire cat.

This is Cuddles...don't let the name fool you.

This is Garak. He was found wandering the streets of Erie, PA.

This is vampire cat Oscar de la Hoya. Just click on his pic to visit his myspace page.


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