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V___V *bites and kisses from us to you* ...The night awaits you, and your supply of blood...
A website devoted to Press, Distribution, and Archiving of all things VYP!

**Holy crud, updates!!!**

October 31st, 2006

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, GUYS AND GHOULS!! Well, well, well. Hello faithful VYP fans, 'tis all Hallow's Eve! What a great time for an update! If you've caught us online recently...You know our biggest update is that Stephanie is no longer Stephanie! Say hello to VYP director Matthew James Aldridge! More info on Matt's transition can be found on his account. Other than that, another reason for today's overhaul is: WE HAVE A STORE! Oooooooooh shiny. Still working out the kinks with it, but once it's up and running, we'll post the link! That's all for now, guys and ghouls.

**MEET US AT DARK X-MAS 2005!!**

Nov. 06, 2005 Stephanie and Kat will be attending
the Dark X-Mas Convention in Warren, Ohio on November 11th, 12th, and 13th!!

8x10 photos, and TShirts will be available for
purchase; as well as DVD Pre-Order Sheets.
Trailers for her feature films 'Descend Into Darkness' and its sequel,
'Descend Into Darkness II: Battle of the Undead' will be showing all weekend!
The website for the convention is:
Dark X-Mas 2005

You can view the trailers now
[Because you're just that anxious to see them *winks*]

if you'd like at the following URLs:

Descend Into Darkness
Descend Into Darkness II: Battle of the Undead

We look forward to seeing you there, guys and ghouls!!

Thursday, June 23rd

Welcome; one and all. Here you will find a plethora of information about director/actress/filmmaker Stephanie Aldridge; and the films that she has done. They will also be available for purchase; as will much more VYP merchandise! Please feel free to sink your fangs into the links below to get to your destination! ;)

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