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Above UFO ET Updates

My UFO Experience

by Douglas Taylor

The first question that arises about the UFO phenomenon is subjective: Do you or do you not believe in the reality of extraterrestrial life? To my knowledge, there is no concrete, physical evidence to prove that we are being visited, yet national polls have indicated that half of all Americans- over 100 million people-believe that extraterrestrial intelligence does exist.

Personal experience is certainly the greatest validation of belief, yet is generally difficult, if not impossible, to prove to a skeptical, closed-minded individual. My own personal close encounter inside a starship falls into this category. I was given an incredible, illuminating, never-to-be-forgotten contact aboard a starship in 1978 when traveling in the Caribbean islands. I had no previous interest in UFOs, although I was open to the idea and at the time studying and reading about the many different concepts of metaphysics.

One night, after a good day surfing in the sparkling clear Caribbean waters, I lay down on my bed to go to sleep. Before falling unconscious, I began to feel a very unusual spinning sensation. It felt as if my entire body was gyrating in countless cyclic patterns - a very unusual and stimulating sensation. As my mind began to clear after this experience, I suddenly became aware of myself standing inside what I assumed was some type of spacecraft. Incredulous with my present situation I received a mental greeting. "Yes friend you are truly with us. Now allow your mind to relax, and we will be most happy to shed some light on your present predicament..." My mind was reeling in the most tremendous state of mental excitement and anticipation I had ever experienced!

The surroundings in which I found myself were pulsating with a brilliant luminosity that was literally emanating from everywhere about me. And here, directly in front of me, was a group of seven beings, both male and female, standing around and manipulating what appeared to be some sort of control panel. One particular soul, human in appearance and dressed in a pure white space suit, was looking at me with the most intense, penetrating eyes I had ever seen. He seemed to be able to pierce directly into my mind - and I knew this was no "human being," in my normal frame of conception. There was a beautiful glow surrounding all of these beings and I noticed such a warmth and tremendous sense of peace that was in stark contrast to the absolute excitement I felt as I began to truly realize: I was standing inside a starship from some distant planet!

Again my lighted host directed his thoughts into my mind, and I calmed down a little. "Please feel comfortable, my friend, as we are your brothers and wish only to make you feel at ease, so that you may gain some benefit from this encounter. "You are one of many that we are contacting in this way, so as to let our presence be known upon your Earth-to prepare the people for the future plan that is beginning to unfold. I can see that your mind is bursting forth with questions, but please relax and I will attempt to answer your queries."

"Your people of planet Earth have yet to realize that intelligent life is teeming, virtually throughout the universe, in advanced civilizations and levels of development that would completely defy description. The countless billions of stars that appear in your astronomers' telescopes are only a fraction of the overall magnitude of Infinite Creation - a Creation that had no beginning nor will there ever be an ending, as all worlds, stars, and even galaxies function in the orderly pattern of cyclic regeneration." "We come from a planet outside your solar system, the name of which would mean nothing to you. "

"As you can see, our craft is formed from a crystalline material that seems to sparkle and glow, emanating a soft but brilliant, phosphorescent-like illumination. This material is actually similar to your diamond, only in a highly refined form with certain electromagnetic properties that your most advanced scientists are unaware of. "In the central portion of our cylindrical craft, you will notice a tube like configuration that runs vertically through the entire diameter of our starship. In this tube, you see a brilliant, pulsating, golden substance that is fluctuating iridescently in the various colors of the prismatic spectrum; this is the heart of our propulsion system.

Through a process that would be difficult for you to understand, a sort of generating device begins an oscillation with this brilliant substance. It is actually light plasma that polarizes our craft in a positive to negative phase reversal pattern; in other words, the electromagnetic properties of this plasma regenerate into an intense, high frequency condition. This begins a chain reaction in which the entire atomic structure of the craft is now vibrating in harmonic resonance with this initial chain reaction.

Our starship is no longer subject to the physical laws of gravity and inertia, as we have passed beyond that particular frequency spectrum. "In a way you could say that our ship is propelled by light radiation, although it is a much higher frequency than the visible light spectrum. So we travel on the electromagnetic radiation bands that crisscross throughout the cosmos, and only when we get to our particular destination or planet do we again change our craft back to its more gross, atomic form. Then, through a simple magnetic process of attraction and repulsion, do we land or depart from any particular point..."

My mind was staggering under the excitement of the mental discourse I was receiving; yet, in my heightened state of awareness. I seemed to understand the knowledge that was being imparted to me. With his eyes sparkling mischievously, my guide continued his elucidation's. "I can see in your thoughts that you feel you can comprehend the workings of our starship; but please realize, I am speaking directly into your mind, your mental self, so the more primitive elements of your nature are being set aside for the time being. And rest assured, friend that there is much, MUCH to learn and experience, and we should never feel that we know it all, as this will block the path for future knowledge.

"The workings of our starship function according to certain principles that could be likened to the very movement of Creation itself. As all energy moves in waveform patterns, so do the countless thoughts that course through your mind move and function in this same manner and way. What to you appears to be fantastic or unbelievable, to us is a reality that we have included in our own particular realizations and concepts. As you see us as fantastic beings, bordering on the limits of your imagination, in actuality we are humble participants - riding the life stream and helping our brothers in lesser states of awareness to awaken to their true nature. We are truly brothers to humanity, and are looking forward to the near future, when your people can accept us and desire us to land our spacecraft on your planet's floor, so that you, to, can join with us as working members of this great Cosmic Mind.

As I had been listening intently for about fifteen minutes to this incredible mental discourse, I now found myself losing my grasp on the heightened and elevated state of mind I was so enjoying up until now. As I looked at these beautiful radiant beings standing in front of me, projecting such serenity and sense of peace and at the same time a truly advanced intelligence, I began to feel very primitive in comparison. I was like a savage in the jungle in relation to these benevolent beings, and my mind rapidly sank into the pits of self-pity and depression.

As I looked up at the Brother who had been communicating with me up until now, I saw him glance over at one of the female crewmembers that now looked directly into my eyes. I stood transfixed, looking into the eyes of the most beautiful angelic woman I had ever seen, I literally felt a beam of pure loving compassion surge into the depths of my being immediately lifting me up again into the positive elevated state of mind I had initially been experiencing! I knew then that these advanced extraterrestrial beings did not judge me according to my limited belief system of comparisons. But they were only interested in my own benefit and welfare.

Again I felt the mental prompting of my host, who I assumed to be the captain; "Now friend we must return you to your proper location and bid you adieu..." "Please wait! Can I go with you!" "No friend, our world would be impossible to you. But rest assured, with your dedicated efforts to integrate yourself into this great plan, you may someday come with us... "

"May the Light of the Infinite Creative Intelligence always guide your footsteps; farewell until a future time." I once again felt the unusual, gyrating and spinning sensation described at the beginning of my encounter, and I found myself fully awake, lying on my bed, with a crystal clear memory of everything that had just transpired. I felt sure I had just experienced an actual encounter with extraterrestrial beings.

As I now reflect back on this experience, some sixteen years later, I feel very fortunate to have been contacted in this way. It was not long after this encounter on the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico, that I began having many psychic experiences that shook me loose from many of the limited and rigid thought patterns that for the most part are all based on the fear of the unknown.

I began allowing myself to be guided more and more by my own intuition. At age thirty having never painted or been involved in creative expression of any kind, I awoke one morning with the desire to draw a starship. I began to feel a beautiful uplifting transcendence every time I sat down to paint and now consider artistic expression to be a large part of my life's work.

I have related my UFO experience to thousands of people in the past sixteen years on television and radio shows and encountered many skeptics, some very hostile. But every time I have an opportunity to relate about my experience, I again feel the beautiful transcending state of mind that has become so familiar to me in the many years since my original encounter, and I know the truth will someday be made known...


Douglas Taylor painted these ...

(C) 2004. Douglas Taylor.

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