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Haunted Places

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.


Cry Baby Bridge - The Cry Baby Bridge is where a baby died in the car crash. It wasn't found when the police came and the baby was left. It ended up dying. If you go across the bridge you can hear it crying.

Mounds State Park - Some people have reported encountering blue-gowned dwarves in the park and nearby along the White River at Loblesville. According to Deleware Indian legend, they are the Puk-wud-ies, a tribe of little people that still inhabit the forests.


Town circle - if you go to the circle at midnight and look at the movie theatre building you will see a man with a long red beard pacing on the top of the building. You will also, if you are very quiet, you will hear his screeching voice say. "Marie please come back to me, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!" he sobs and he sobs. He is known as the movie man. And if you go and sit to watch a movie you will hear a sobbing man, but there wonít be anyone sitting behind you, just rows of seats, and maybe a red bearded man.


Austin High School - there is to be a Spanish teacher roaming the school. She died in a car accident around the 80's, possibly. There have been sightings of her by the teachers late at night.


The Haunted Bridge - a railway bridge over White Lick Creek. The ghost of a construction worker from when the bridge was built, and the sounds of a baby crying, supposedly from an incident during which a baby was inadvertently dropped into the creek from the bridge.

Barbee lake

The Barbee Hotel - The Barbee Hotel was considered a very high-class resort during Al Capone's time. He stayed in the hotel frequently, often clearing out all the guests so he could stay in seclusion. He always stayed in room 301 at the back of the hotel. When cleaning the rooms employees have smelled cigar smoke and when investigated it is coming from room 301. The bartender who has worked there for years has seen an old man sitting at one of the booths on several occasions. When she goes to get someone, he is gone. People have reported hearing footsteps on the stairs, and in the halls above the dining area. Many parties when taking their picture will line up on the stairs. There are several pictures on the wall where you can see orbs of light in the background behind the group. Many other celebrities stayed there as well. Rita Hayworth was said to go and stay in her room for days at a time. When you drive by the area of the hotel she stayed in late at night sometimes you can see a faint light.


Podunk - Podunk is an old town right by Bargersville. It's a really weird and freaky place that near-city teens go to. There's a bridge that if you drive on to & then stop & turn off your headlights, radio, and don't talk then you can see a baby crawl across the road. You can also hear it crying or laughing sometimes.


Headless Man - Go to on Greenville Pike. At the stop sign turn right at the first gravel road turn left, go past the bridge turn around and go back over the bridge. When you get over the bridge wait a few seconds and the turn around. Donít drive to fast or to slow but you can see a man on a horse without a head. The farther you get from the bridge the close it gets to you. It soon disappears.

Battle Ground

The Battle Field Memorial - Back in the 1800's there was a terrible battle fought on the grounds where the memorial is. If you are anywhere close to the creek right after dark, then you hear battle cries and see human forms running through to woods. You also can never fall asleep out there no matter how tired you are.


Binford Elementary - A man wearing a black cloak is said to roam the Auditorium, when it's dark. There have also been some electrical problems

Hoosier National Forrest - Step Family Cemetery. Two brothers fought and killed each other over inheritance of their father's land. They are both buried at the cemetery and the land became Hoosier National Forrest. If you drive to the cemetery you can witness strange occurrences like car engines dying and some sightings.

Indiana University Cries of woman and unborn children have been heard.

Indiana University - Reed Hall - is said to be haunted by a girl with long, black hair wearing a bloody nightgown. Legend has it that her medical student boyfriend killed her and hid her body in one of the abandoned tunnels in the basement. When the police questioned him he quickly confessed and they found her body. Half of Reed Hall is made up of dorms. She is said to haunt her room or the room where she was murdered. She has also been seen wandering the halls in other various places.

Read Dorm, 6th floor - Many years ago a young woman named Paula, (an R.A) was believed to have been over stressed and worked, so she flung herself down the stairs head first killing herself on impact. Late at night on December 12th, you can still hear her scream as she plunged to her death.

Porticos - When this place was a restaurant, people claimed to see a little girl's face in the bathroom mirror. Customers also complained of hearing children laughing and playing upstairs while in the dining room below.


Children's Playground - It is said that at the turn of the century an old man ran a playground for children on the apostolic church grounds he was hated by the adults but loved by the children one day he was found brutally murdered and his body was thrown in the Wabash River and was found under the red bridge it is said that if you go there in the middle of the night and lie down on the bridge you will hear the sounds of children laughter and sometimes you will hear something pounding on the bottom of the bridge.


Scales Lake - Believed to be haunted by Black Annie.


Spook Light Hill - A ghost of a father looking for the head of his daughter. A car flashes it's headlights three times and a light can be seen coming down the road and "scanning" the area.


Plymouth - Troll Bridge - This bridge is right down the road from Little Egypt. If you go and park your car or just park a little off the bridge and you get out there is a tall dark thing about 7-8 ft tall. It will either try to throw things at you or chase after you. WARNING: Do NOT go out here, stay off this bridge, this thing is not good and you will be terrified. I strongly suggest the un-stable mind stay out of here too, unless you are up for psychological damage.

Plymouth - Little Egypt - Many claims have been made of apparitions appearing at night at the cemetery. There have also been claims of driving around the cemetery and hand prints appearing on your windshield. One story is if you throw a nickel on a baby's tombstone, that you will hear it cry. Little Egypt is located on 5A Road and Hawthorn in Marshall County. 5A road goes around the cemetery in a square style.

Plymauth - Little Egypt Graveyard - Supposedly if you go there you will get chased down by a phantom farmer that died in one of the fields around the graveyard. Down the street there is a woods. On certain nights rumors of what sounds like a girl screaming in the woods. Also, depending on how far back you go, on you way out, you will see a set of headlights following you out of the cemetery. It appears that they have just come out of the woods. They will follow you until you are completely out, and a ways down the road.


Captain Franks Tomb - An elaborate tomb was built on a bluff commanding a view of the Ohio River. His reason for choosing this lonely spot for a tomb was that he could shout curses at the passing Steamboat captains. It is said that many on the river have seen a ghost light or mist that settles over the tomb.

Bristol Opera House - There is a ghost named "Percy" that haunts the costume room and stage. It is said that he hides in the curtains and brushes up against the actors. He does not like musicals and has apparently moved things on stage during a production. He likes to scare the ladies in particular. A lady that makes the costumes and was there late at night when she felt strange things around her and tapping on her shoulder. No one is sure why he is there or where he came from. He might have been one of the deceased actors or people that worked there.

State Road 15 North - If you go north on State Road 15 past where the toll road on ramp is, you will see an old house on the left, right before the state line. If you stop and watch the house long enough, you will see the spirit of the owner part the curtains and wave at you.


Peaceful Acers - thereís a ghost in the woods wearing a bandana and is known by many as the toothless wonder you can see him floating behind lot 3 aver a chicken coop looking down hungrily.


Old Sycamore Haunted Bridge- When you drive over the bridge at a speed over 20 miles an hour a white car will chase you to your supposed death. Also, you can still see the bullet marks on the sign on the bridge where a jealous boyfriend caught his girlfriend and another guy making out.


Screaming Bridge - It is said to be haunted by several spirits, if you go out on the bridge at midnight you can hear a woman screaming. It is no longer accessible. They blocked off the road because of too much traffic and violence at the bridge.

Cedar Lake

Selysions Private School Witnesses have seen orbs that will float towards them and also there is cries and screams.

The boy's schoolThere is an abandoned boy's school off a small road in Cedar Lake. All of the boys were said to be hung, shot, and drowned by the pastor who took care of them. People have reported all the doors closing at once and hearing whispers when walking inside the school. Every once in a while, you can see boys sitting at their desks, writing in blood.


Chesterfield Christian Church -The lights in this church have been known to mysteriously turn on at night in the bathroom, which is connected to the boiler room. In the 1940's a man was found dead in the basement below the boiler room. The cause of his death is unknown. Witnesses have reported hearing the pipes constantly banging, doors opening and closing, water turning on and off, and hand prints all over the bathroom mirrors every morning. Police have searched boiler room and found no sign of vagrant.


Diana Of The Dunes - Around 1915, the area that is now the Dunes State Park in northern Indiana was mostly uninhabited wilderness. The stories spread around the vicinity of Chesterton, Indiana that fishermen who were along the beach at certain times of the day had been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a naked woman swimming in the lake. The story spread that a beautiful woman was living as a hermit along the beach and her notoriety grew to a point that many compared her to the ancient Greek goddess Diana...hence the name of this legendary creature. In truth, her name was Alice Marble Gray and she was the daughter of an influential couple from Chicago. Alice had traveled extensively and was cultured and educated. She had worked in the city as an editorial secretary for a popular magazine, so what had made her take up the lonely life of a recluse. Some have claimed that Alice came to the dunes because of a broken love affair but actually she left the city life because her deteriorating eyesight had made her work impossible. She had sought refuge in the rough land that she had enjoyed as a child. Alice moved into an abandoned fisherman's cottage on the beach and lived a life of peace, borrowing books from the library, walking in the woods and of course, swimming naked in the chilly waters of Lake Michigan. In 1920, Alice met a drifter named Paul Wilson and he moved into the cabin with her. He was an unemployed boat builder with a shaky past but he seemed to make Alice happy and the two of them stayed together until 1922.... when tragedy struck. The badly burned and beaten body of a man was found on the beach and police suspected that Wilson had a hand in the murder. He was questioned but eventually let go. He and Alice moved to nearby Michigan City, Indiana, where they made a small living selling handmade furniture. Alice bore her husband two daughters but he treated her terribly, often beating her severely. In 1925, Alice died in her home, shortly after the birth of her second daughter. The official cause of death was said to be uremia poisoning...complicated by repeated blows to her back and stomach. Wilson disappeared and later tuned up in a California prison, serving time for auto theft. The fate of Alice's daughters is unknown. Legends of the dunes say that Alice still returns to the beach and the wilderness that she loved so much. Over the years, many have claimed that they have seen the ghostly figure of a nude woman running along the sand or disappearing into the water.

Clark County

Clarksville - : Colgate Palmolive factory - Clarksville, Indiana is the correct location of the Colgate-Palmolive factory which used to be a prison; the basement is especially said to be haunted. If you are on the riverfront in downtown Louisville, Kentucky just look for the huge clock on the other side of the river, and that is the factory.

The Sunset Grill Restaurant. This restaurant was formally the McCullough Steak House. This used to be a house of a family long time ago. Guests and employees have heard weird noises in the building. Some mornings employees will come in the restaurant, and all the light bulbs will be unscrewed and sitting on the tables.


Cloverdale Cemetery - Two girls where driving in he cemetery around midnight looking for one of the girls grandparents, the girl driving took the car and put the high beams on the tombstone they noticed there was a casket with a tarp over it waiting to be put in the ground it scared the girls so they turned the lights off so they wouldn't see the casket sitting on the ground, then the driver seen a kerosene lantern it looked like and seen an old man standing over the grave with a black cloak on he looked at the girls and the girls drove away cause they were frightened, but the other girl told the driver to drive back around and when they did he wasn't there.


The Haunted Railroad Bridge - Back in the 1920's a woman had a baby out of wedlock. She couldn't handle people and their objections. She took herself and the baby to the middle of the bridge and jumped. They found the woman's body, but not the body of the baby. People have said they have seen a creature on two legs with yellow eyes guarding the bridge around Midnight. If you are by the bridge at night you can sometimes hear the baby cry. On a full moon you can sometimes see and hear the ghost of the woman on the bridge looking and calling for her baby. More often than the other two you can see the creature with yellow eyes blocking the path to the old forgotten railroad bridge not wanting anyone disturbing the bridge or the area.

North High School - The auditorium is haunted by a ghost named " Mikey ". Back over a hundred years ago before there was a school, there was a dirt road that ran through the school, but more precise through the auditorium. A kid named Mikey was walking on the street when a man driving a horse and buggy ran him down. the exact spot where Mikey was killed is where the auditorium is today. If you are in the auditorium you can sometimes see Mikey out of the corner of your eye run past the stage. You can also hear and see Mikey in the sound booth or up on the catwalk. Mikey has also been known to turn off the lights. Many people have witnessed Mikey or something that Mikey has done.

Subway Restaurant on 46 west - Workers have seen a shadow figure walk across the back of the store and often heard noises in the back when they where the only ones there.


Blue River - There is said to be a young women who was paddling in her canoe one day. Someone had tied fishing line from a tree to another tree. When she came by she was going very fast. The fishing line cut off her head. People say she is looking for her head almost every night.


New Market Trestle - Reports of hearing train whistles and grinding metal, then a loud splash. Some have also reported that they have seen eerie blue-lighted figures skim across the top of the water.

Spooky Hallow - Long time ago rumor is that the old bridge was a covered bridge. Supposedly a black man was hung from the ceiling. Another story is that a woman died on the bridge (not know how). Old bridge is not there but a newer one is built there. Story is that if you shine your lights under the bridge and flash your lights three times you can see the woman or the black man hanging. Also, from experience cars have died with the lights flashing inside and no explainable reason. Also there is a rock near by that has a story that is unknown what it is about, but they say if you sit on it you will die within seven years. It's a hard bridge to find, but if you ask around to the locals everyone knows about the bridge.

Crown Point

Crown Point High School - Reports that at night the lights go on and off in the gym, and the basketball cart moves out from the office, and the balls bounce on the floor, making a tremendous noise, since it has a wood floor, when someone comes, it disappears. The high school auditoriumís catwalks are supposedly haunted by a spirit. Students have reported hearing strange noises and seeing images of people walking along them.

Gypsy Graveyard - At the back of this cemetery, one can find fresh dirt from gypsy graves from the 1800's. Also, glowing figures seem to move towards you as you approach it. Visitors beware, people have been known to get raped and killed when visiting this site.

Old Lake County Jail - An old jail in the town square where John Dillenger made his famous soap gun escape! There are MANY hauntings there. It was used up until the 1960's as a jail and since then you can see spirits, orbs and hear a dog barking, jail cell's slamming, people talking, etc.


Catract bridge - well legend tells that a man who lived in Poland, Indiana lost his farm in the late 30s to the stock market crash{or great depression} well in Cunot their is a bridge over the Catract Lake and they say that he hung himself because if this bad time and they say that on lonely nights you can see him walking on this bridge with the noose still around his neck and sometimes he jumps in front of the cars trucks.


Witches Circle - It is said that people have seen outlines of a white women figure here. There is also a myth that the red splatter on the road is where someone was murdered but people say itís just a paint splatter. Also it has been said that a old man that used to live close to the "Witches Circle" still haunts the place today, and its said that witches still go there to do witch craft.


Danville Bridge- There are two stories that come from the haunted bridge. The first story says that an Irishmen was helping construct the bridge, he fell into the wet cement. His body was never recovered. The second story says that a woman jumped to her death from a train passing over the top of the bridge. Many people have reported hearing cries and moans.


Adams County Cheese factory - This old abandoned cheese factory, has been known for its many unexplained phenomena. It is said to be guarded by spirits. Many people claim not to be able to spend much time in this area. It is located in the woods just east of the Kuklehan Mansion. Also it is known for its occult activity.

Geneva - Ceylon - Covered Bridge - It is said that many years ago, a group of young teenagers, were at the bridge performing a sťance of some kind, when suddenly a man or apparition, feel from the ceiling to the floor, leaving a gigantic blood stain near the pentagram they drew on the floor. This apparently had opened some kind of door, and now even today, strange and unusual things happen inside the bridge. Even during the day, while walking through or just visiting the bridge, there is a feeling of oddness.

Kukelhan Mansion - Just north of Decatur, east of US 27, not far from North Pointe Sub-Division, stands an old mansion that was owned by a very wealthy banker. It is said, that the banker went crazy because he always thought someone was after his money and slaughtered his whole family and hung himself. Many people have tried, including people with psychic ability, has been unsuccessful in being on the property.


Butler - Land of Moses - Located just outside of Butler off of ST RT 6 is a road that goes to the right and over the railroad tracks. There is a cemetery there that is allegedly haunted and they say at night if you park in the cemetery by the old crematorium you can hear cries of the departed. This begins the stretch of the road called the land of Moses that leads to Gypsy hill. This area is extremely dark at night and there is an area that Gypsies congregated at near the Indiana/Ohio line. This area is covered by a dense dark forest. Rumor has it that the gypsies kidnapped and raped a farmer's daughter in the early 1900's. The farmers then banded together and killed the gypsies. Over the next 10 years the farmers all were killed by an axe. One report said that a gypsy returned from the dead and haunted the woods, which is where the farmers bodies were found. Till this day, very few people will dare to go to those woods, park their car and get out and explore them. There is an old foundation of a log house there and some other remnants of the gypsies.


Hells Gate -This train trestle is host to several strange phenomenon. On some nights, if you stop your car, you can hear the sound of people laughing and screaming, laced with a crashing noise. Legend states that the sounds echo a past tragedy that involved a train derailment, killing many people.


Ancilla College and Convent -Many people have claimed to see Catholic sisters walking in the basement tunnels underneath the college and the convent.† When followed, the sisters disappear in to thin air or go into the wall.† People have reported being pushed or touched in the tunnels when walking by themselves.† Doors slam and things will bang or fall in the motherhouse kitchen.† Students have seen classroom doors and windows open and close by themselves.


Blood Road - This is said to be a place where a father drug his son behind a truck. If you drive north down the road you will not see anything. (Look very good) Turn around at the stop sign and go back down the road you will see bloodstains down the road.


Atterbury Job Corps Center - Strange sounds and footsteps have been heard in the different areas of the campus. People have seen yellow glowing eyes in the woods.


Elnora Cemetery - It is said that there is a glowing tomb there that only glows on certain nights.


off of #6 school road by St. Joe mini mart. - Reported in an abandoned 140 year old house, witnesses have said that in the top right bedroom you can sometimes see a man like apparition in the window.

Carpenter House - Willard Carpenter, of Willard Library, lends a bit of excitement to the staff and volunteers at WNIN from time to time. Mostly strange noises, things moved when you aren't looking and a sighting or two just out of the corner of the eye.

Eastland Mall - At night when the store is closed the owner walks through the mall from store to store. The owner was killed there by an unknown force while checking the stores to make sure they were all locked up and he was found the next day. If you look in there late at night you can see him slowly walking from store to store but if you look away he disappears.

Willard Library - a lady in gray has been sighted by many in this building.


James Dean's Grave - If you go there, there is a spat where there are four trees perfectly trimmed and equal distant from each other. If you time it just right and if you are there around midnight, you just might have the sense, or you might feel, that someone is touching you.


Heady Hollow -There is a dip in Allisonville Road at 126TH street. It is called Heady Hollow. How the story goes, there was a schoolhouse the burned down with all of the children inside. Late at night when it is foggy you can see the children standing in the road. When you see them it is too late to stop. You drive right through them. When you get out of your car no one is there.


Old school of Flora - The school has been rotting for over 20 years in the middle of a small town named Flora. Also about a quarter mile behind the school lies an old cemetery full of broken down tombs from the early 20th century. Story goes that the building is home for those buried in graveyard. If you can ever enter the old school which is locked up you can hear talking and things are moved to different places. Flashes are some times seen when walking by.

Fort Wayne

Char's House of Oak - This is a retail store on Wells Street. It consists of several old houses filled with oak furniture all in the same area. In the main house there is a stairway leading upstairs. While ascending the stairs while shopping, an apparition of a man with disheveled black hair, heavy 5 o'clock shadow, dirty white undershirt and green work pants appeared at the top of the stairs in an uncontrolled rage. He whipped off his belt and ran down the stairs with his belt raised over his head ready to swing it. As he was running down the stairs he passed right through a shopper leaving an icy chill throughout their body and an extremely unsettled feeling.

Columbia City - The Haunted Jail, the ghost of a murderer is said to haunt the site of the retired jail. It is now used as a haunted house throughout the Halloween season, and members who work there in the off-season report a lot of paranormal activity. Noises such as footsteps and scraping along walls are also reported the only thing that runs is the electricity, there is nothing as far as a heating system to be mistaken for the noises. There is a door that always must remain open if it is shut when you walk away and come back it is always open. There are many things indicating activity.

Devils Hollow - over by homestead high school on liberty mills road there is a housing addition and there said to be somewhere around that lies devils creek. People say that it is a dead end and behind the dead end lies a trail that leads to a creek and a cemetery they say that there is a 100 percent chance that you will see some type of paranormal activities. If you stand in the middle of the cemetery and be totally still, well they say that people have died there, so your best bet is to run like crazy and donít look back!

Dupont Rd. south of Lima - Crossroads cemetery - noises and faint moving lights reported. Very strange feeling of being watched when in cemetery around the stone in the tree.

Lima Road - The Old Byron Health Care Center - "The Stairway To Hell" - The old health care center was shut down and a new one was built next to it. You can still walk around in the old building, and you can feel a very ominous sense all around you. Keep walking around until you come to a staircase leading to the Basement. The word "Basement" has been covered and people have put up the phrase "The Stairway to Hell" in place. Shine your flashlight down the staircase and you can see the end, but when you start walking down, turn it out. It has to remain out. As you walk down the stairs, it gets colder and colder, and more unsettling, but you can NEVER reach the end. You can keep walking for a long time and never reach the basement at all. But no matter how long it takes you to walk as far as you dare, when you turn around to go back upstairs, it only takes a fraction of the time to get back to the staircase. One witness reports, ďWe walked downstairs for 20 minutes once, and it only took us 3 minutes to get back to the top again. When we got back to the top, we shined our flashlights down the stairs, and once again, we could see the end. It is very very scary, and it makes no sense whatsoever.Ē

North Side High School - Many spirits reside here. First is the spirit of a Chief of the Miami tribe that tried to prevent the city from building on the tribe's burial site. The school mascot is called Chief Mac in his honor. Second is that of a teenage girl seen in the gym and indoor running track. She is often seen in the morning before school starts. A janitor haunts the basement where he died of a heart attack several years ago. Many janitors have reported seeing him. Finally, a construction worker haunts the stage area of the auditorium. During the building of the school, it partially collapsed, killing him and injuring many others. It is a little scary walking the halls alone at night. A magazine covered the stories back in the seventies.

On Bruick Rd if you go over a bridge & park your car, you can see a white light that sometimes gets bigger, moves, & changes colors. The farther you follow it, the farther it seems to move backwards, away until all at once it vanishes.

The old Lutheran Hospital on Fairfield - Has been torn down - The 4th floor of the hospital is haunted by a male ghost that pasted away about 55 years ago. You will see him walk down the hall looking for someone going from room to room. Dr's and nurses as well as others have seen this. Before they closed the old Lutheran Hospital they closed down the south unit on the 4th floor. Update: has since been torn down. One small (possible office)building and a large, empty park-like area remain, but angel statues that were originally in front of the hospital entrance still remain.

The University of Saint Francis library - A student hung himself here long ago and has been spotted by students. Many have reported unexplainable "cold spots" in the library and other strange happenings.


"The Light" - near Moody Lane - the story is back in the horse and buggy days, two brothers were out for a ride. One brother fell off and the wheel decapitated him. The light is the lantern of the other brother looking for the head. The brother is with his lantern passing one row at a time in the corn. If you go when the corn is down, you will see a light come towards you. if the corn is up (the best time to go) you see the orange/red glow from the lantern at the end of a row. it will move through the row of corn and you can see the light above the corn. It's slowly moves to the end of the row and back to the start of the row. Then it will move up one more rows. You can watch the light come closer and closer one row at a time

Moody Lane - A man named Moody roams the countryside and if you go to Moody Lane and wait where the trees branches are suppose to hang over the road you will see a strange light come toward you. Also there is a graveyard near Moody Lane where a man and a woman were killed on opposite sides of the road. And at midnight you supposedly can see the woman crossing the road to see her man.


Sleepy Hollow- The Sleepy Hollow around here is a bridge and an over pass that goes over a train crossing...It is legend that if You pour baby powder on your hood and stop right near the train crossing and turn your engine off then start it back up and drive across it you'll come to find children's hand print all over your hood! there are other strange things going on in this place! You have to go to find out.


Old Train Trestle - In 1947 a young lady was on the bridge contempt on committing suicide. She had come home to find her husband cheating on her. She went to the train trestle, and waited for a train, then ran out in front of it. On foggy nights you can hear her screaming, and see her walking across the bridge.


Black Oak - along an interstate stood an old house that was once a speak easy (bar saloon) and a home for ladies of the night often you could hear a car pull in and hear men entering the basement where they would shoot the owner of the saloon and upstairs you could see a woman dressed in red and often was crying and would reach out to touch you and a man would leave the basement and walk upstairs and often pushed witnesses down & they could hear the screams of women and children loosing their lives this house has been since destroyed but to this day you can see the woman in the red crying and reaching for you.

Gas City

10th Street Bridge -When the bridge was first build eighty years ago, a worker fell off the bridge and died. The river then carried his body away. Many people have reported seeing an old man hanging on to the side of the bride screaming for help when they pass over the bridge.

Old East School - There used to be a playground behind the elementary school. A few people have seen the merry-go-round spinning by itself with nobody near it. Some people have even heard the sound of children laughing there.


Devil's Dip - This is a large hill, it dips down. At the very bottom of the hill there is a house. It's said that there was a little girl that once lived there and was playing outside late one night, and that she was hit by a car driving fast. Around midnight if you go really fast down the hill you can see the little girl dressed all in white playing next to the telephone pole. It's directly across from the house.


Oakridge cemetery - There is a statue of an angel over the grave of Michael Bashor that is said to cry tears of blood.


Boon Hutch Cemetery - A ghostly police officer from the 1950's sits inside the graveyard along with a blue light. There is also a cave under the cemetery with a grave near the entrance. People have reported seeing a strange figure standing in the cave when going in. Some witnesses have even reported that bodies will fall out of their caskets into the cave. One other occurrence involves sinister looking dogs with red glowing eyes that chase people to their cars, then disappear.


Edgelea - if you go and sit by the train tracks in Edgelea at night, you could see ghost of hobos jumping off the train. One lady all ready has seen a ghost of a hobo in her backyard. This lady has even heard them banging on her back door.

Edna Collings Bridge - It is said that sometime in the early 1920's a little girl would swim in the stream, which the bridge crosses. At the end of the day her parent would drive into the covered bridge, turn off the motor, and honk three times telling the little girl it was time to leave. One day the something had happened to the little girl causing her to drown. They say that if at night you drive into the bridge, turn off the motor, and honk three times that the little girl will come and get in the car with you.


Weston Village - This area of town called "Weston Village" is a housing edition and apartments in the same are that is about a span of five miles. One witness reports seeing what is described as a Cyclops at the foot of her bed. As well as other sightings.


On the road as you enter into Gary, In (on Halloween) you can see the ghost of a girl who died after running into the Calumet River with her wedding gown on, the weight held her down and drowned her. Her ghost can now be seen. Also the ghost of a girl who got in an accident can be seen there.

Bishop Noll Institute - On the second floor, in the A-wing you can hear footsteps and people talking with the whole floor being empty. In the lab rooms, chairs would fall off desks without being pushed. There are 3 know deaths in the school. One in front of the Library where a single stop will be constantly cold. Second, a freshman drowned in the pool, which is no longer used and closed off, which you can hear laughter from. And third, in the second floor A-wing, a janitor hung himself.

Old Botanical Gardens/Reaper's Realm - People say there are 2 women owners who died there and they haunt the place. You can hear people walking around upstairs if no one is there. There have also been sightings seen in the forest behind the mansion. People have seen 2 unknown women working in the background. This usually happens when they are setting up for Reaper's Realm.

Gavit High School - Every morning at about midnight. It is said to be people walking around the roof and if you shut the windows the night before some of the windows will be open. If you are inside you can hear metal clinking together and muffled screams, along with orbs and figures walking.

Jayme House - There are two bedrooms upstairs. The bedroom to the left..... if you shut the cubby hole door at night when you wake up the door is Apen , if you put something in front of the door it is still open in the morning. The bedroom to the right...... glowing eyes, noises, over powering smells... all in the cubby hole. At around mid-night if you sit quietly you can hear foot steps, sometimes running, laughing, and playing of small children. Stairwell leading to the upstairs bedrooms is also haunted. A little girl @ 8 years old. Likes to play. Sightings all over the house. A large number of happenings. Witness' by the numbers. Objects disappearing /reappearing, moving, chairs coming out from under you while you are sitting in them. People being lifted of the ground. Things touching you.

Robertsdale-Circus Train In the 1920's or 1930's the big top circus was traveling through town. The train was involved in a crash and all the animals aboard the train burned to death. The animals' remains were buried in a nearby cemetery. It is said that if you go by you can still hear all the animals cry.


Wilkinson McCreay Cemetery - Reported to be haunted.

Hancock County

Thomas Road - This graveyard has had numerous occurrences including blood, on graves which all date back too mid 1800's. The ground is always soft no matter the weather, noises from the woods than seem too get closer the longer you stay. Two gigantic rocks which set in front of the path that leads you in are moved in a different spot every time you visit.


Hanover Beach - A preacher drowned while swimming to shore to find help for victims of a sinking riverboat. Usually appears around 2 am when it is real foggy.

Hanover Cemetery -One witness reports, ď My children and I went to Hanover Cemetery soon after we moved here. We had split up for the purpose of looking for a family members grave, we then turned around to meet up with each other. As we got closer to each other, we suddenly felt nauseated and we felt chilled. We looked at each other and realized we were all experiencing the same sensations. We looked down at the grave in front of us, and it had the name, Benjamin Bennett on it. The next day we went to the library to see if we could find anything out about this person. We found that he had been a student at Hanover College and had drowned in the Ohio River and that his body was never found.Ē

Hanover College - Parker Auditorium has been haunted by the ghost of Dr. A.G. Parker, past president of the college. Numerous events have happened over the past 25 years, including sightings, voices, sounds, and missing items.

Hanover College - Donner Residence Hall - The east wing of Donner Residence Hall. Moved objects attributed to a former student who committed suicide in one of the rooms.

Hanover Nursing Center - Omens happen before one dies, green mist in photo, a balloon bounced into a room, the piano plays and the keys have been seen moving.


Hebron High School - in one of the high school girls bathrooms a girl had hung herself. Now some teachers claim to hear voices coming from that bathroom when they stay late after school hours.

Moody's Road - If you go to Moody's road at night, flash your brights 3 times a light will appear and if you shut off your car it will not restart.

old railroad tracks - Sometimes if you go there you will see ghost of people walking around after the deadly train crash.


Hedley Cemetery - Reports of unexplained sounds and feelings of self destruction.


McCarthur House - 4 murders took place in the mid 1970's. White figure that can be seen as sort of running away from the house when you approach.


Dan's Run - Daniel Guthrie was murdered and placed in a shallow grave near the corner of Pixley Knob Road and Cemetery Hill (Mountain Grove). Guthrie's body remained undetected for one year before being found, unearthed and reburied in nearby Mt. Zion Cemetery. The hole he was buried in is still open (about 4-feet deep) near the edge of the woods. Homes in the nearby area have experienced sightings of a young man with a large, handlebar bushy mustache, doors open and close by themselves, footsteps walking up and down hallways at night, footprints found outside bedroom windows, objects moving by themselves, and ghostly whispers. Also, a tape recorder left on Guthrie's gravestone in Mt. Zion later revealed a faint, haunting man's voice crying, "Help me, God help me, please help me..."


Highland High School - Has been haunted for several years. The gym is where the sightings usually take place. People have reported that they have seen a little boy roaming around the gym and sometimes doing laps around the basketball court. They have also heard basketball being bounced. They say that the sounds and the little boy running laps are a kid known by the name of Bob Haymaker. Bob died one day in gym class when they were playing basketball. The teacher said that he was fine and next time the teacher looked at him, he was lying there dead. Ever since then, little Bobby Haymaker has haunted the gym of Highland High school.


Hitysville Public Library- It is reported that on Oct. 28, 1943, the librarian that worked non-stop there was involved in a freak accident involving a book shelf collapse. The book shelf oddly enough was full of supernatural books. The ghost is said to have remained inside the library which has since been shut down. On that anniversary night accounts of loud crashing bookshelves have been reported, but no bookshelves remain in the old library. Also accounts of moaning and screams for help, along with unidentified scratching and banging.


Forks of the Wabash - The original house belonging to Chief Richardsville has been remodeled by adding a door between the Chief's bedroom and the servant's quarters to facilitate tours of the house. In the room described as the servant's quarters there was a pillar of icy air that everyone who walked passed through shivered and said, "ooooh....cold spot" The cold spot was WAY colder than the temperature in the rest of the house including being several degrees lower than the outside temperature. There also was a strong sense of being watched.


Horace Mann School - Now apartments, Horace Mann School has had many reports of paranormal activity. Sounds and sightings of children and adult ghosts. Unknown origin of the spirits.


Polk road - it is said that a woman died on the train track and if you go over the tracks that your car will die and she will come and push you off and then she will go down the center of the car and go into somebody and show then how she died and what she went through. And when you leave there will be blood all over your car.


Chain grave - A slave owner from the 1800's beat one of his slaves to death with a logging chain. The wife of the slave had a local shaman put a curse on the slave owner. The curse was that he would bear the reminder of his murder for eternity. After he was buried, a chain appeared on his tombstone, and every year another link is added.


Indiana state fair - there is an abandoned bridge across the street from the Indiana state fairgrounds, on the east side of fall creek pkwy that takes you to Millersville rd. it has been said that you can hear splashing and gurgling noises below the bridge where a young boy was pushed off and drowned. Supposedly his older brother pushed him off and watched him drown.

Cathedral High School (Former sight of Ladywood High School) - When the Cathedral High School campus was the campus of Ladywood, a private boarding school in Indianapolis. Ladywood was entirely run by the Sisters of Providence, a group of nuns devoted to a Catholic education. There is a building on campus, Loretto Hall, the former main building of Ladywood, classes were held on the first floor, physical education in the basement, with student dorms on the second floor, and nun dorms in the attic. It has been reported many times that at night, after what would be "lights out" for the girls that you can hear and sometimes see a sister walking down the halls in the second floor and candles burning in the attic.

Old Central State Hospital/Asylum - Several reports from night watchmen of noises, screams of "patients", and mysterious "people" seen and then disappeared. Tours available. Some of the older buildings gone, but some remaining. Huge grounds. Medical Museum on site also reported haunted as it once was the hospital's morgue. Guarded minimally at night. Entrance is on Warman Ave. right off of West Washington.

Decatur Central High School -In the 1970's, a girl named Angie and her friends were recklessly riding around the school parking lot. They crashed and Angie was thrown from the car and decapitated. Strangely enough, the school's electricity would not work for several weeks after and the entire school smelled like burnt rubber. Every year, around the time of Angie's death, the electricity still goes out and burnt rubber is smelt. Some people have even reported seeing a young female ghost walking up and down the stairs crying.

Downtown -St. Joseph's Old Abandoned Catholic Church - Reports of seeing blood on witnesses 92 hands, hearing a loud bang in the middle of the sanctuary, and loud footsteps.

Edgewood River - Sounds reported of a drowning boy slashing and screaming for help.

Hanna House - it was built by Alexander Moore Hanna he helped with the Underground Railroad. One night one of the oil lamps fell in the basement where the slaves were the house caught fire and burnt all the slaves. The house was restored almost immediately. thatís why it was just recently discovered that this happened. It is said that there are cold chills doors open and close with no help and in one of the upstairs rooms smells of death. strange noises, smells and apparitions are observed here.

House of Blue Lights - This mansion on Meridian Street in Indianapolis is haunted by the young wife of the first owner. When you go by the house at night you can see blue lights flickering on and off on the grounds and in the tower window. According to legend the man couldn't stand the thought of burying his lovely young wife so had a special glass coffin built and placed in the tower. He would go visit his wife every night. The tower was lit by soft blue lights, her favorite color.

Indiana Repertory Theatre - In life, the first artistic director of the theatre used to jog around the upstairs mezzanine area when the weather was cold or rainy. He reached his untimely death when his nephew accidentally hit him with a car while jogging outside on a foggy day. To this day, when it rains outside, you can hear floor boards in the upper mezzanine creaking and groaning just as they would if someone were running.

Indianapolis Athletic Club- The spirit of a young fireman has been reported. He tries to wake up guests in the middle of the night. There was a fatal fire at the hotel in the early 90s, in which a young firefighter died.

Indianapolis City County Building - During the first years of construction on this building, a special elevator was erected to move court witnesses to different floors of the building. In the 1960's, a witness was being escorted to court in a Mafia case. He was shot in the elevator by one of the police escorts, who was really a hit man in disguise. After this happened, access to the elevator was blocked and the power cut off. Many people have reported hearing this mysterious elevator going through the floors, muffled by screams heard in the elevator shaft. Some have even claimed to see the actual ghost of the shooting victim wandering the halls of the building.

Irvington Irvington is a town in Indiana. It was founded sometime in the 1800's. There is a church there that was once upon a time a house (it was added onto when it became a church) The church is on a circle surrounded by many little houses. The church use to be where a slave owner lived and all of his slaves and maids and such lived in the houses around him. If you walk by the church/house in the setting sun you can see a figure of a man either on the roof or somewhere on the church grounds. If you spend the night in Irvington you may experience several things. Some people, when they are sleeping, have reported waking up and feeling that someone else is in the room. Sometimes you will even see a young man. Also strange smells and sounds have been heard and feelings that you are not alone when you are.

James A Allison Mansion - Apart of Marian College campus, the Allison Mansion is an old glorious mansion. Built between 1909-1911, it was James & Sarah Allisonís summer house. After Marian College acquired it from the Allison estates it was put to good use as a college building. The attic was the sisters dorm, the students lived in the old garage and classes took place in the rest of the building or the greenhouses. From the time the mansion was used as a school to the present (as a conference building) strange occurrences have taken place. Keys missing, objects moved, the library room completely rearranged - furniture not just books. Strangest thing - the basement has an indoor pool in it. The pool is where a baby crying has been heard. A Legend is that the Allison's had a child and the baby drowned in the pool. (The baby was not the Allison's but could have been a servants.)

Marian College - Stokely Mansion - An apparition of a man walking a dog has been seen. An apparition of a brunette woman running out the side porch door and jumping into an awaiting carriage, people have been gently pushed off the dog walk, chills forbidding feelings also noted. Gondolas running without water under them. People having tea in the Japanese Tea House in the middle of the night. - Note: The mansion does not have a driveway at the side porch itself. Any carriage at it would have been in the formal gardens or in the swimming pool.

Paul Ruster Park Cemetery - Many years ago, a little boy was killed by the nearby train tracks. He is now buried in the foundation of his old house. Many people say that if you walk the long path through the woods to his grave, you can hear the boy playing his harmonica. Others have reported seeing a ghostly young boy walking down the road.

Post Road - its like a dead end street on 30th and post when you turn on the street your car will cut off and wont start back because their was some kids that was speeding one night and they ran into a tree and died now if you go down that street your car wont start it is a haunted street.

Tuckaway House - George and Nellie Meier haunt this house that was their home.

Waterbury Neighborhood - A condominium in which an elderly lady died. One of the current residents, the son of the family, reports voices, objects moving, screams, bumps, knocks, footsteps, growls, bodiless shadows, electronics not working, candles going out, hot and cold spots, strange feelings, animals sensing something not there, strange dreams, the bed shaking, doors opening and closing, an orb once caught on digital photo, strange lights, and the strong smell of lilac. These have been reported around the house, but an overwhelming amount of the experiences have taken place in the son's former room. This room, strangely enough, is not the room she died in. She still haunts him in the house from time to time. No one else has reported any disturbance, but believe they happen.


The Grainery - It is said that if you go to the grainery in mid day there will be an old farmer dressed in white overalls and is very pale in the face. He will tell you to get out. He is supposedly protecting the grainery from kids vandalizing it.

Jackson county

Mamee bottoms - If you go out there anytime at you can hear a sound that sounds like a baby crying and a wolf at the same time, also reported, no animals live in the area.


Devils Road - long time ago on these train tracks a bus load of kids got hit by a train, leaving all of them dead but the driver of the bus, so he went crazy and shot himself while standing on the tracks, some say that if you go and park your car on the tracks, put your car in neutral, the kids will push you off the tracks, some have even seen the glowing headless man walking towards their car from the tracks, and then disappear.


Shiloh Church - Many people died due to a fire and now the church is haunted by them.

Jay County

Blood Road - There is a road out in the country and it is pretty popular for kids to go to at night. If you drive down the road one way after you go over a big bump you turn around at the nearest place to turn. Then you go back over it and once you hit the bump you see what looks like a trail of blood leading all the way down the road. They have tried to pave over it but it always comes back. The story goes that a man got mad at his wife and killed her and put her in the back of his truck. When he hit the bump her body fell off and got stuck to the back of the truck and he drug it down the road.... that is supposedly what the blood is from.


Census Bureau - Warehouses - Late night security have reports of radios turning on, while not plugged in. Boxes of paper have fallen within feet of security staff from as high as 10' (pushed off of a shelf).Supposed holding camp for Germans during WW II, occasionally one can hear German speaking in the warehouses.

Jeffersonville High School - In the Auditorium, there is said to be a woman who lurks, even when more than 10 people are in the room. Things get moved, and people have gotten hurt. Also, when the building was being built, a construction worker was killed by falling off of a ladder. Sightings of him have also been recorded.


graveyard - drive along the graves through the old fence stop and turn your car of on the bridge get out of the car you will see a flashing light blinking from inside your car...if you walk down to the creek you can here and see things like a drum beat a old metal swing. You can see wild dogs and humans moving around.


Jerome cemetery - strange noises and a man in a black cape accompanied by two large black dogs...


The "Pest" House - This house was a quarantined place to put people during an outbreak of small pox in the early 1900's. The death rate there was extremely high, and many ghosts are said to still live there. A local historian reported visiting the house once and being greeted at the front door by a "strange-looking" woman. She told him, without being asked, that no one was home and closed the door. He knocked for several more minutes and was about to leave when the owners pulled in. Upon relating the story to the owner, they all checked the house thoroughly, and never found her. Several other incidents have also occurred there.

The White House - Blood sprayed all over the walls. Names of who have death coming to them, and a bathtub surrounded which looks of blood.


Baums Bridge Inn - there is a old inn. There is a window that is not boarded that you can look in. If you go there around midnight there is a man in the distance with a very dim light around him. If you look long enough he will get mad and get right in front of you and it will only take a split second for him to get in front of you. It will scare the crap out you.


Carter Rd. & 400 North - There is an old house sitting on the north - east corner, where once known an old man and his mother lived. Later she died, and he left the house because of the spirit of her. Reports of something knocking on cars, apparitions and orbs seen around the house and in the windows.

Old Jabob's Funeral Home - Black shadows and noise in the old basement. Built in 1901 now used as a recording studio by. House Of Jordan Entertainment.

Satan Church - There is an old church out in the country close to Russiaville that is been known to house spirits. Surrounding the boarded up church is a graveyard. There have been many sightings of red eyes amongst the graves and various noises heard coming from the church basement. Past owners have mentioned cults performing witchcraft in the area.


Columbia City - former funeral home - A Ft Wayne based hospital bought an old funeral home to house it's home health care agency. Lots of problems with electrical system, things moving about on their own like chairs, etc. Staff is reluctant to be in the building alone---especially at night when the activity increases. One of the employee's young children began asking her mother about various people she saw moving about the building. The mother didn't know how to respond because she couldn't see them.

La Porte

Downtown - 'I' and 10th Street Clinic - Was on route for Trail of Tears where the Indians had stopped and made camp. It is said that a young girl died in the winter during their stay. Now it's a Clinic up top a small hill across the street from La Porte High School Baseball Field on 'I' and 10th Streets. People say that the elevator is played with, also the lower level bathroom is often locked from inside with no windows leading outside, and various objects moving across rooms (my understanding- chairs mostly).

La Porte High School - Well in the girls restroom on hallway one, toilets will flush and water will run without there being anyone in there. Outside by a pillar there are cold spots and odd smells. Odd things like the electricity shutting off and banging on lockers also occurs.

Hangman's road/ Orelake - On this road, a young couple was driving home from a date when all of a sudden, their car broke down. The young man went for help while the girl sat in the car. When the man returned he couldn't find his girlfriend. He figured she had gone to look for help also. A drop of blood dripped on the windshield and he looked up above his car to find the girl hanging from a tree. People have seen ghosts hanging, weird things in the woods, and since the site is right next to a swamp, they say it is very creepy. It is a popular place for breakdowns and a lot of people have been killed there by car accidents.

La Porte Medical Building - Doors have been known to open and shut, and a figure of an Indian maiden has been seen. This was the site of one of the old Indian burial grounds.

Posey chapel (near) - A century and a half ago a church was burnt down and the preacher hung himself from a tree as you enter the gate. At night you can see the activity under the pavilion that is where the chapel once stood. Red eyes can be seen and a red light of some sort can be seen moving through the woods.


Posey Chapel - Many orbs are seen in this area, also you can hear a woman singing and someone playing a guitar in the background.


Phegley Highway - Some say they seen a light moving slowly on the railroad tracks with two men behind it they've never harmed anyone they just pass by at a certain time at night.


Harrison Cemetery - People who visit this place always have the feeling of being followed or being watched. This places if located right behind Harrison High School. It is ok to visit too. The gravestones are very old and been know to move to different locations. Crying and moaning can be heard on some nights. Beware some of the ghost are known to touch and throw objects.

Pythian Home - It is an old Nursing Home where many of the people who lived there died. There are many things that happen in there from lights turning on unexpectedly, to hearing footsteps, and even feeling something brush up against you. One of the stories are, there was a murder in on of the bathrooms. When the body was taken out, three women went in and cleaned it up. One of the women new the girl that was murdered and she went back to pay her respects. When she walked into the room, she found exactly as it was before they started cleaning. Now around the time of the anniversary of the girl's murder, all the gore returns. There still is no use cleaning it up. It still comes back.

Lake County

Cedarlake - Macarthur woods - kids have said that they herd voices saying kill them and once a hand grabbed a girl they have also seen a gun pointing at them and when they got home their house door was open and nobody was in the house and when they got inside nothing was in the place were they left it and then they ran outside and when they looked at there house there was a glowing light next to there house. And my little sister saw a strange man with ripped clothes and distorted face and all of the sudden the thing disappeared in thin air.

Lowell - Lake Prairie Cemetery - Mists, orbs of light, and figures of the deceased locals have been seen here. The southern half of the cemetery has the oldest grave markers, and that is where the most activity is. The cemetery is located on Calumet Avenue, 2 miles west of route 41.

Lake Station

River Forest Junior High - noises heard in the gym where it is said a little boy died.

Lake Village

old gas station house - pounding on the walls walking in he kitchen and up the stairs talking images of people walking loud buzzing noise only herd in the living room and bright flashes of light.


Whiskey's Restaurant - The restaurant was originally two houses that later become a button factory. There was an old lady that lived in the house and died in a room that is now called the "Malt Room". There are several reports about the "Lady Ghost". There was one report where the ghost tugged at the waitress's apron and she thought that it was another server but no one was standing behind her, another incident was the manager was sitting in the bar after the restaurant closed and smelled a strong scent of perfume coming from the back of the restaurant and nobody was in there but her.


The old Lebanon High School - The old Lebanon High School is a abandon school that will not let you out. If you go all the way to the 3rd story to the bell tower you will get locked in until daylight.


Sawmill lake - Old white house around the point. Several odd vapors and apparitions seen. Strange noises heard constantly. Sometimes you can hear an adult male yelling, like he is very mad. A local legend ghost named "Whitey" A commonly seen ghost around this house. A drunk driver crashed into the house about 30 years ago and died.


Devils Hollow - Off coldwater road thereís a place called Cedar Canyon. If you follow It until it goes past Griffen Rd. and take a left, there is a transparent man in his late sixties wandering the old country road possibly taking a little vacation from the cemetery at the end of the road. Sightings usually occur between the hours of 12:00 to 3:00.


Guyer Opera House - Guyer is know by staff to be haunted, and many have been spooked by dressing room lights that turn on one by one, strange banging noises emanating from the back of the auditorium, and sudden changes in temperature. The doors to the auditorium will close by themselves, and more than one of the staff has been driven from the light booth by growling noises and extreme drop in temperature. People have reported seeing the outline of a person in the back stage windows. A little boy was killed back in the early 1900s during a Wild West gun show. During one of the shows, a bullet ricocheted into the audience, killing the boy. Perhaps his ghost still lingers in the Guyer. In addition, the founder of the Guyer Opera House, O.K. Guyer, died the same year his opera house opened. His funeral was held in the auditorium of the Guyer. The "Guyer Ghosts" exist for sure.

Liberty Mills

Liberty Mills Public Access - Several years ago a car load of teenage girls were driving on the road leading past the P.A.P. The driver lost control going around a curve, hitting several trees and ejecting the girls from the car. People said that on that night they could hear the screams of the some of the girls as they died, one even hung in a tree-a branch piercing her midsection. To this day if you go to the P.A.P. you can hear the girls screaming and crying for help. Witnesses report of hearing faint cries.


Slab Town - In the early 1900's stood a two room asylum for the insane. Students would volunteer there time at the home helping out. It is said, that one early morning the students came out to the home and were beat and raped by the residents in their home.. In the end of this, they set fire to all the cars at the house and then set fire to themselves and the students, killing everyone. To this day the building does not stand, but the foundation of the house and the old smashed, burnt cars are there. It is also said, that if you visit the old land that you will never forget your experience there and gradually lose your well thinking over a period of time. People have said they would be driving down the road by the place and see a fire, but when they get closer to the place the fire would vanish.


Mount Hope Cemetery - As you enter this cemetery which has been there since the early 1800s you an hear the sounds of horses even though there arenít any horse farms around for miles and if you whistle someone will whistle with you it is pretty freaky and there are mausoleums that you can walk in to and many weirdly inscribed tombs like "knock three times and they shall come"

Shiloh - at midnight you can hear the headless horsemen. Then your suppose to go around the church 3 times and then if you look down at the basement window your suppose to see a girl staring up at you. It is said that a semi will chase you then it will disappear.


Indiana Bridge - There is a mansion a little bit further down the road that 3 people were apparently murdered and thrown off the bridge. Take I-65 to the Lowell exit and take a right on Clay Street. Reports of cars rocking and thick fog appears from nowhere.

Intersection 173 Ave and Holtz Road - When you are driving East on 173rd there are two big hills. When you top either hill you can see the intersection at Holtz Road. When you top the first hill, on occasion you will see a bunch of flashing lights and what appears to be a huge wreck. When the road continues, you lose sight of the intersection. When you can see the intersection again, it is clear and there in no sign that anything was ever there. This has been seen by many people.


American Legion Post 9 - Weird noises, cold spots weird old woman and man, mostly in basement.

Clifty Falls State Park - Reports of moaning coming from the tree right next to the walkway going down into the falls.

Jefferson County Library - there is a ghost of a young man that rides the elevator up and down and rubs and pats women. He is said to have lived there when it was a house and was confined to a wheelchair so the elevator was put in so he could get from floor to floor.

Ohio Theater - Balcony is haunted people have seen lights floating and screams heard around midnight.

Public Library - The library is haunted by the spirit of a young man who used to live there when it was a private home. He was crippled and was wheelchair bound so they had an elevator put in so he could get from floor to floor. He still rides the elevator and likes to make his presents known. Particularly to young women, by rubbing and patting. If you should ride this elevator be sure and say hello Charlie! Not his real name but a nickname someone who loved him gave him.

Ridge - Reports of hearing small children's voices laughing and playing, cold spots, and a ghostly white dog.


Its said that late at night there are spectral images of people wandering through this old village. Even the old mill makes noises as if it were operating, and wagons are heard on the streets


The Carl Smith House - From the moment you see this place you know its haunted! Lights turn off & on, ghostly sounds can be heard and people say that the house itself is some sort of a portal. Several people have died in this place making it one of Indiana's haunted places.


Charles Road - Supposedly a long time ago a family headed down that road in their wagon on the way to Church, during winter. It was dark out and the family heard screaming in the nearby woods. They went to investigate and the fellow church members became worried when the family did not arrive at Church. A search party was organized to find the family. When the party discovered the abandon wagon they began to search the nearby woods. The found the whole family headless.

(Grant county )-The Hostess House- An old woman lived in this 4-story mansion here in Marion and someone broke in her house once and killed her. On foggy nights you can see her shadow on her balcony. She is in a long white flowing gown. They never got the bloody footprints up completely either. It's open to the public too.


Main Street Graveyard - County Road 675 just past Crybaby Bridge - A lot of rumors about ghosts are heard. But 2 headstones have pentacles on them and a skull is embedded into one tree.


Plymouth - Muckshaw Rd. - It is said that on nights when there is a full moon you can see the image of an old beat up truck with teenagers hanging off the side of it. It is also said it will chase you. The story is a long time ago these teenagers used to hang off the side for fun until a tragic accident happened. Now, they come back to haunt you on full moons.


Morgan Monroe Forest - Stepp Cemetery - A lady appears sitting upon a tree stump at the east end of the cemetery. Sometimes you can hear her humming. When she was alive she had a baby who died. After her death she still sits and hums to her baby. This story can be found in the local libraries. Many people can be seen at night in the cemetery waiting for her appearance.


Elizabeth Town - This is an abandoned ghost town where strange things have occurred. When you go by the Elizabeth Town sign, you can see a woman dressed in solid black staring at you. At the cemetery, called Olive Branch, you can hear strange noises and see ghostly shadows.

Merrillville & Griffith

Reeder Road - A girl named Elizabeth Wilson drowned in a swamp after the car she was riding in went off the road into a swamp. People say that if you drive down the road at night you can see Elizabeth waiting on the side of the road waiting for a ride back to her house down the road. People who claimed to give her a ride back to her house get as far as Ross cemetery before she disappears. The same cemetery that she was buried in 1955. More history to this road is during heavy mafia activity in Chicago around the 1930's they would dump bodies off this road because it was, at the time, out of the way and seldom traveled. Most of the bodies were not discovered until the mid sixties when the area started to be developed. Through the late 1980's until the mid 1990's the woods around this road became a popular place to commit suicide. Most people that have killed themselves there were area high school students. There are a few houses still on the road, near the main development. Many reports of various apparitions (figures in the woods, ghostly lights, voices, being chased by cars/ creatures). also, mostly due to the fact that it is surrounded by woods, various animal parts are frequently found along the road. these are odd in the fact that they seem to almost always be placed in the exact center of the road. Never an entire animal like road kill, but parts...a head, a leg, a torso. Usually rabbits or raccoons but household pets have also been reported, One person witnessed the head of a large dog, a German shepherd or similar large breed, positioned in the center of the road. There was no blood and the eyes were open staring down the line of the road.


100 Center - Hacienda Mexican Restaurant - Used to be a mansion, the owner had a affair when one of the care-takers. When she discovered she was with child and he rejected her, he hung herself in the attic. Employee's have reported seeing her throughout the restaurant. Workers also claim to hear whispers and see apparitions throughout the old house. It has also been said that the owner of the house shot himself in the basement of the house. Now the maid hung herself in the attic of the house. Well the office to the restaurant used to be in the upstairs part of the house right by the attic. we had a manager say when she used to close up the restaurant she would turn off the lights to the office and turn on the alarm. she would walk away and then look back and the light would be back on, so she unscrewed the light bulb an put in the middle of the floor. well she walked away once again and then looked back and the light was back on. well needless to say that room is now closed off. other sayings are that you would be the only person in the bathroom and the lights would go off and on and the water will come on by its self.


Spring mill state park - There is an old village there that is haunted. There are many old log houses and a mill that are said to be haunted. After dark if you go out there you can see lights and figures in the mill as well as in many other buildings. There is also and old cemetery there that is haunted. If you go there at night there is a blank grave of a man who gambled and lost. He was found murdered and nobody knew who did it. At night you can see a figure walk from the blank grave and stand in front of the grave of the man who killed him.

Mount Vernon

Robin Hill - On the top of a hill stands an old white house which has been abandoned for many years. The house was once a stop on the underground railroad. The house is now being remodeled, according to rumor, into a bed and breakfast. It sits on the corner of Mill and 9th. Local lore says that the house is very haunted, but no one really knows by who/what or why.


Hamilton road - This is a very haunted road that few people know about. Take state road 38 all the way to Mulberry and look for a road called 900 west. If you are coming from Lafayette, go right on it. You will come to a stop sign. Go thru the sign. That is Hamilton road. There are 3 one-lane bridges on this road, when you get to the third bridge, stop and flash your lights 4 times. As you then cross the bridge, you will see a short man in your rearview mirror chasing you. If you drive up the road about 50 feet you will come to an old church graveyard. Go it the graveyard and park as close to the back as you can get. Walk along the fence and you will see what looks like flames coming from the woods. This is where the church once stood. It is said that when it caught fire in the 1800s that everyone was killed. Also there are old haunted tracks right after the graveyard. Go about midnight and stop in the middle of the tracks. Put baby powder on your rear bumper. You will hear a train whistle and see the lights come at you. Then they will disappear. Get out and look at the back of your car and you will see baby fingerprints. A little boy named Danny was killed here in the early 1900s right after the tracks were built. WARNING: THIS ROAD IS VERY DANGEROUS TO DRIVE ON IN THE WINTER. IF IT IS RAINING OR SNOWING DO NOT ATTEMP TO DRIVE ON THIS ROAD!


Apartment on West 6th - A family moved into the possible haunted home on West 6th Street in Muncie after the landlord lowered the rent. He explained to the family that previous tenants didn't want to stay longer than 2 months. After the family had lived there for a while, the children were scared of the upstairs playroom because of the old lady that lived there. The old lady that the kids were seeing was a ghost. Later unexplained happenings were pacing sounds in the playroom, kids tucked into bed, and items in the kitchen, such as mayonnaise being moved. A boy had died in the bedroom and his mother died there years afterwards. I have also heard about weird occurrences like past tenants waking up and having some sort of oil dumped on them. The new tenant of the home believes it's haunted also.

The Radison Hotel - The hotel has two haunted floors the 3rd and the 6th. The 6th is haunted by a workman who jumped from one of the rooms windows.


The Bieker House - Update: Burned down - The beaker house is very well known in Munster Indiana. A woman dressed in white can be seen during day or night. The house is vacant [for years],and known for it's huge red barn. It is owned by the city. As at one time, the city offered the huge house and property "rent-free" &"utility-free" to anyone willing to live in the house for the purpose of preventing vandalism to the house & grounds. No offers were ever met - Update: the big red beaker barn has burned down, there was an electrical fire, and now its just the house.

New Carlisle

PrimRose - a road the length of a quarter mile long surrounded by woods, its known to have a ghost truck that changes color and is known to chase visitors out of the area.

The Laughing Scarecrow - Not much is known about the mystery of the laughing scarecrow but at no particular time mostly during and around the harvest season, it has been reported that a figure or apparition, looking such as a scarecrow, will appear out of the woods, which is located south of 116, off a country road. It will screech and laugh at passersby. Also the whole town of New Corydon, and surrounding area, is known for many unusual phenomena. That includes a Cry Baby Bridge, the creature, and witches of the old abandoned stone quarry. And strange lights. Many people report a feeling of doom, coldness, evil there.

North Webster

North Webster Elementary - Some say a young boy wearing khakis and a blue sweater roams the athletic areas playing sports and shutting off the lights. When someone goes to turn the lights on the light switch is already on. There is also a teacher in high heels on the second floor. People say that they can hear high heel shoes clicking on the floor. Random appliances in the school turn on and off by themselves. The young boy can also be seen in the library trying to check out books.

Oakland City

Oakland City College - Cockram Hall - where the wife of Colonel William Cochram, the founder of Oakland City University, hung herself in the upstairs of the tower. If you look in the windows at night u will see doors open and shut, and see a bright orange glow come from some of the windows.

Old Oaklandon

Fire Station - At unpredicted times of the day and night, strange and mysterious things occur at this station. Shadows have been seen and bay doors have been known to open on their own.


Devils Elbow - There is a road that the locals all call Devils Elbow. Legend has it that it is haunted by evil spirits. I was raised close to this road all my life. Over the years I have seen and heard many of things such as, red glowing eyes, a woman in white, a bay crying. and sometimes when you are driving on this road your car will die or if it doesn't die, your headlights will get dim as if something is feeding off the energy. About 15 years ago a man was brutally murdered on that road. It was haunted way before the murder incident. Makes one wonder if an evil spirit provoked the murder.


Washington School - The third floor is the most haunted place in the girls bathroom the lights turn on and off and on the second floor in the old gym there is a bloody handprint on the back of a basketball hoop on some days it moves.


Okie Pinokie - This site is located off of River Road (on your way to Mississinewa Resevoir). You will come to a "Y" in the road, where you will hang a right. You will soon after see a small cluster of pillars at the entrance of a gravel road. This site used to be swampy and marshy and there have been at least 8 decaying bodies found there (reported by Mississinewa staff). This site may be an old burial ground of some sort or battlefield, as to the thousands of spirits hiding within the trees. You will drive down this gravel road, and the trees will begin to swarm and intertwine above you. You will then come to a circle. Getting out the car, it is said that if you whistle, someone will begin whistling with you from deep in the forest. It is also said that a noise like a pig squeel and dogs barking can be heard like it is right next to you. And last but NOT least, you will hear screams like a small child is being tortured; supposedly it is a 7-year-old girl named Stephanie. Also, traveling a long a path you will find a tree that has indents that appear to be much like deer antlers; HOWEVER, these are horizontal instead of vertical and have a place for an opposable thumb. - Warning: DO NOT GO HERE, UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT TO BE TERRIFIED. (P.S. Do not "Ouija" here for the spirits do not like it.)


Ferrell House - There used to be and old deserted house and barn, there were occasions of flaming faces, a woman hanging from a rafter in the barn (that is how she died) a body on the roof, red orbs, there was a closet upstairs that had no flooring just a bottomless hole (when you drop things down it you will never hear it hit.) If you went directly underneath it on the first floor there was no hole. Now at the location where the building was there is an eerie blackness, they have tried to grow crops there and they will not grow.


Zion Church Cemetery - its has been told of a ghost coming out in the road and just stopping in front of the cars and make you stop. Locals believe its a warning about this haunted place. And it tell you to turn around and go back. If you do go around the haunted place don't say you weren't warned!


Wolf Mansion - As the story goes. back in the day, the owner killed all of his slaves, even their children after slavery was made illegal. Some have even said he went crazy and killed his family, dismembered the bodies, hide them and then shot himself. Sometimes you can see the light in the bell tower come on for no reason and there is no switch for it. People have been seen in the windows when the house was not occupied. Orbs have been spotted. One person who did an install at the house claims that when in the basement they felt breathing down their neck and that something brushed against their hair. When coming back up the stairs, something was passing along their heels. Reports of doors opening and closing by themselves and things missing and showing back up .Hauntings include ring of the bell in the bell tower(there is no bell anymore),monks walking around, and screams.


St. Joseph's College - Aquinas Hall - supposedly the site of an exorcism. When any of the priests are asked about it, they quickly become furious and tell you to mind your own business. However, the place has been closed down for apparently no reason. This dorm had offices one the first floor and had students living there a few years ago. After that it was used mainly for the nursing student offices. In 2002 there are still offices and there are now athletic coaches living in the residence area.

St. Joseph's College - Drexel Hall Drexel Hall is now restricted and on the list of Indiana's most Endangered Landmarks. Though the rest of the building is in ruins, the chapel is in perfect condition according to my sources. Also, people who enter begin hearing voices in their heads.

St. Joseph's College - Dwenger Hall - It is supposedly possessed. Students of the dorm next to this shut down building have claimed to see lights coming from inside. Many also claim a force compelling them to look into the windows. Rumor is that the priest who preformed the exorcism, committed suicide after it failed. (If it was in Dwenger Hall or The Theater is unclear.)

St. Joseph's College - Hallas Hall - supposedly haunted by a baby. Legend has it that a young woman gave birth there and the baby died. It has been there ever since and students report hearing it cry at times. There is also a claim about a girl who woke up in the middle of the night to see a very young boy at the foot of her bed.

St. Joseph's College - Theater - There are multiple places on campus that are either haunted or possessed. All in all, this campus may be one of the most haunted in the country. First of all, and the most widely acknowledged among the student body is the theater. Legend has it that one of the many priests on campus hung himself there after an exorcism went awry. Others believe it is a student who didnít get a part that killed himself, rather than a priest. People still feel things touching them when they are on the catwalk and doors move without reason.


Earlham College - -BACK CAMPUS-...On Halloween night in 1857 there were 2 students who were walking in the back of campus. There is a big pipe line that goes over the creek. Rumor has it the 2 students were trying to cross the creek on the pipe line and fell off into the creek which is only about 2 foot deep. To this day on Halloween night if you go there you can see fingernail scratches on the pipe where they slipped off and hear screaming from down below.

Goshen Cemetery - Cemetery is just North of Richmond, IN on 227 N. Numerous signs of ghosts can be detected here. A lady in white stands over one of the graves, and when approached she disappears. Footsteps in the grass can be heard either following, or coming towards you. Shadows and small white lights can be seen in the woods surrounding the cemetery. The most frightening area is definitely the Northwest corner of the cemetery underneath an Oak tree. This section contains the graves of children. It's the darkest section of the cemetery, and if you stand in the path right by these graves. Something will sound like it's falling out of the tree, and will hit the ground with a thud. There is never anything there. Other oddities include a sudden temperature drop over some of the graves.


Earl's Tree Cemetery - This graveyard is off of St Rd 25 on 300 south. Take a tape recorder out there on any night of the week and just have normal conversations. Nothing eerie happens...until you listen to the tape! You will hear the raspy, whispery voice of what we believe might be a 3-year-old boy named Earl. This is an old graveyard...we believe that he may be telling us something about the tree next to his grave. Listen VERY CLOSELY to the recording however, you may mistake his voice for one of your own!


Werewolf Hollow - If you drive down the lane at Werewolf Hollow, there is a stop sign. Look close and you will see blood flowing on it. As you go on, there are cornfields. You can see a male ghost. Be careful not to stop your car because he will scratch your car. He is trying to warn you not to go on. There are some abandoned houses and if you get out of your car (if you dare) and go up to the houses, you can see a ghost in one window. In another window, you hear noises and a hole in it.


Peggy Holler - From dusk until dawn it is said that you can drive to a spot known as Peggy Holler located in the outskirts of Shoals and hear strange noises, displaced fogs, a man's voice crying out "Peggy" and possibly even witness the headless ghost of the spirit many residents have come to know as Peggy. It is said that her husband cut off her head in a maddened rage and in an insane state of existence is still left calling out her name...

South Bend

St. Joseph - Primrose Rd. - If you go down Primrose at a speed less than 20mph your tires of your car will get slashed. If you go over the speed of 30mph the car will just die. Either way if either things happen you will have to walk. They say if you have a cell phone there will be no signal. While you are walking down Primrose you will hear strange ghostly noises and see things. They say ghosts appear and talk to you, telling you to turn around and go back to the car because there is danger. They also say that the old farmhouse will appear and if you walk up to it an old lady will answer the door in a white night gown. She is claimed to be the lady of luck. They say if she invites you in that your luck will become better, but if she rejects you, when you go back to your car it won't be there.

St. Joseph - Primrose Rd. - Blood Rock - along with what it said above about primrose...they cleared out a section of the woods and built a housing development there. at the entrance there is a pond on the left, there is a huge rock in the middle of the pond. the rock is called "blood rock". this huge rock mysteriously has been moved to different places.

St. Joseph - Primrose Rd. - Adams street Graveyard - A Graveyard that has people buried there as far back as 1791 has a few different things that go on there. Reports of pictures taken and got some mists around the tombstones. Its even been said on the news during Halloween a few years ago that it was haunted.

Terre Haute

Highland Lawn Cemetery - Just the old story of Stiffy Green. Supposedly Stiffy (a dog) and his dead master can be seen walking in the cemetery at night.

Historical Museum - Witnesses claim to have Caught many things on film here. Everything from orbs to a small mist. The arbs seem to center around the old front staircase. The building was used as a halfway house for several years by the 3rd owners of the property. It is now used as a historical museum. Supposedly the old crib in one of the upstairs exhibits moves occasionally even though the area is closed off.

Indiana State University - Burford Hall - the ghost is Barb, a young woman who died of alcohol poisoning in the residence hall. Students have often reported hearing Barb vomiting and/or crying in bathroom stalls. Also, there have been reports of strange happenings like sounds, whispers, things moving and things of that sort.

Indiana State University - Cromwell Hall - a white cross under the window is seen on the 12th floor where the man jumped, on the west side of the building in room 1221. Now you can hear footsteps and strange noises in the hallways.

Old Mil Dam - Use to be part of the Under Ground railroad. It is very haunted at night. Certain nights stuff happens, a report of a small girl stands near the creek. They used to have the Underground Tunnels open but they are closed now. If you are in Terre Haute and go to Old Mil be careful. You might get a surprise.


Valpo University - Alumni Hall - two young children run up and down the halls at about 2:00 in the morning- they talk to some of the residents and say that they are playing tag. They are 8 or 9 years old and wearing jogging pants


Silver Bell Nursing Home - call lights go off in empty rooms.. the sound of children playing loudly can be heard in a room of the facility, people whistling in the halls at night when all the residents are asleep...several nurses have reported hearing someone in a room at night only to go in and it's empty but they can still feel the presence of someone there...a nurse's aid reported that the doors to the laundry room shut and locked on her and she had to climb out a window to get out and when the nurse went to check, the doors were used to be a hotel in the 1800's before becoming a nursing home in recent years.


Purple Head Bridge - One story is there is an old one lane toll bridge that cross the Wabash river on the outskirts (south 6th road) to saint Francesville IL. It is said that long ago it was a place where a man jumped from the bridge to hang his self. When he did his head ripped off, and was never found. If you go there on a raining night and park on the bridge and wait you WILL SEE a purple head floating toward you. The other is the bridge is supposedly a bridge they hung people off of in the 1800s, giving it its name purple head. Vincennes University legend has it that if you go out there you will hear screams from the spirits that have been hung.

Sigma Pi House - Is said to be haunted by Civil War Colonel. Doors open and close as well as strange clouds and figures appear all the time.


Miami school - Bloodcurdling screams heard at night sometimes, was a murder in the gym, some say that the school received letters from an unknown person telling them to move the school, they didn't then the school mysteriously burnt down.

Mississinewa Battle Grounds/Graveyard - Upon approaching the graveyard you can see an abandoned church behind a picket fence. Further back a graveyard with about 20-30 graves, not arranged. Strange groaning and sounds coming from the woods along with actual physical contact that was witnessed by myself and others in my group. Recorded on camera non refracting light when stilled appears to be a shape of a apparition running a crossed the film. Also recorded on camera, fresh blood on tombstones that was not previously there. Other reports indicate, and witnessed by this group also, deeper into the woods in another section, places closed off by the state for unexplained reasons where strange noises can be heard coming from. Pictures and video are available for evidence.


Willow Road - Thirteen Graves - on State Road 3 off of Willow road is the old Batson cemetery, no one has been buried there since like the late 1960s , there is thirteen unmarked graves. As you count them there is thirteen and supposedly if you turn to count them backwards one grave vanishes. No one knows who is buried there. Some believe it is remnants of an old limestone walkway, The walkway can be proven with pictures at Huntington library taken of the cemetery in the early 1930's. Also it has a glowing grave, at night when you drive by you can see one particular grave glowing at night. Some people have also witnessed an old ragged looking man who is supposed to be the caretaker of the cemetery. He is believed to be the caretaker of a blind school not some 100 ft from the cemetery that was tore down in past years do to deterioration. He would supposedly watch over the cemetery at night after the children were asleep. UPDATE: The cemetery is under surveillance due to numerous complaints of vandalism and destruction, you will be escorted off the property and possibly arrested. NO TRESPASSING


Richmond - Star piano building - People say that you can hear the voices of the people buried under the building, From when there was a cemetery there.

Wells County

Thirteen Graves - There are 13 unmarked cement slabs located in a small rural cemetery. There are many rumors circulating about who is or isn't buried beneath the slabs. It is a tradition for local teenagers to visit the cemetery especially around Halloween - just being there will scare you to death! Since the cemetery is in a heavily wooded area it always appears to be dark and spooky and you swear that someone is standing behind you or watching you when really no one is there. You can hear sticks breaking in the woods like someone is walking on them.


Wahaula Beach - If you go there at night, there is a small patch of woods that overlook the beach. There you can see ghostly outlines of old sail boats and people dressed in old time bathing suits swimming and in inner-tubes. You can also hear splashing and laughing.


Blue Cast Road - The Old Blue Cast Sanitarium - The places used to be a sanitarium back in the 40ís.They shut it down and made it a natural spring water plant. Then tore that down in the 70ís. Reports of dark moving shadows, red glowing orbs, cold spots shouting and other strange noises have all been reported.

Margaretís Grave - Legend is a girl named Margaret was playing by a tree close by where she lived. When she came up missing they found her hanging from the tree. Know her house if off limits, but the tree is still there. Her grave was at the tree but it was stolen a few years back, but you can still park by the tree and hear a little girl laughing. And the school house down the road is where she always shows herself. If you park in front of the school house an have some people stay in the car, an some people go up to the school. The people at the school will hear running and foot-steps all around them. And when you go to leave she will appear behind your vehicle. You'll also see 1-2 orbs. Real quick flashes of light.


Holiday Drive Bridge - Stories of a lynching here by the KKK. Road is very narrow and quite isolated. Very dark at night. Gravel road. Many curves through the woods. Reported screams heard here late at night. Located off of North Michigan Rd. past N. Michigan and Willow Rd. On left hand side. Look for small green street sign.

Thanks Shadowlands for the help with my list.