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Aside from Treaders' divine ambitions, one can learn allot about his character from the poem. The binary oppositions driving the conflict in this poem are hate and love. Or 'perfect' hate and love, Treaders does not experience these like mortals, it is clear that his hyper inflated ego must make even his emotions 'perfect', divine. Could it be that these two opposing forces are what are driving (have driven?) Treaders insane? I think it is a highly credible explanation. He is torn between his Christian values to love and condemn, and his hateful nature see here. 

This conflict between his subversive nature and the perfect ideology to which he aspires drives him insane, is not unlike the poem Psychopath by Carol Ann Duffy. Of course, all of you are wondering, is this proof that Treaders is a lesbian? Well, it's not conclusive, but it is a start. Back to the point, the discrepancy between his Christian ideals and his own reality threaten to tear apart his mind.

These binary oppositions, or thesis and antithesis, must some how be resolved to a synthesis to create an (admittedly rocky) sanity. This pseudo-sanity is found through ideological escapism, ever a friend to the psycho seeking acceptance. So what possible cover, or explanation can his mind give as a working model to hold himself together? At this point his Christian values perversely twist and spill over, and he becomes the Messiah in his mind. 

This concludes my analysis of the poem.

The Messiah



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