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All About The Girl

[picture coming soon]
+ Falling in Love
+ Sex
+ Religion / Politics
+ Art & Music
+ Coffee
+ Sobe
+ Korn
+Gothic / Punk Lifestyle
+ Hair Dye

[more later]
+ Alarm Clocks
+ Worry
+ Guilt
+ Pop, Rap, most Country
+ Rumors
+ Anything Grape

[more later]
Overused Words:
+ Heart / Love
+ Darkness
+ Blood / Crimson
+ Nothing
+ Bleeding
I'm just your
basic punk style
seventeen year old
girl with passion
and a tendency
to fall deep.

*much love*

You're a "Kinky Fuck".

You're all about role play. You wanna be the one giving daily "check ups" or being the naughty school girl. But you also like a man to please you and treat you good.

What Kind of Fuck Are You?
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