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Here's some info on Tommy. He auditioned for Redheaded stepchylde on May 7 and played his live debut on May 14th at the Clubhouse in Mesa. The guys in RHS heard Tommy on a demo CD at a gig at the Big Fish Pub a few weeks earlier. The first gig went great and the future now is very bright indeed. RHS is an in your face Hard rock/ Metal band influenced by the 80`s finest and many of the best thrash and hardcore bands of the 90`s and the new millennium. It is best described as wireless mayhem with a great rythym section and shredding lead guitar. Vocals are done by Mike Armstrong, he is also the writer and founding member. Drums Lee Lone, Bass Dan Wall, Guitars are Chad Meere and Tommy Gibbons
Check out their web sight at and you can e mail Tommy at or on his dads at To view their show schedule go to and look for redheadedstepchylde. Tommy is in a very busy touring band, so you will get a chance to see them. Get off the couch and come out to see them. BE ADVISED the four letter words do fly, so if you're shy, this may be tough for you. If you are one of the strong, you will survive. So get your #$%^&^&*** out and see the show!!! Thanks for your support. Tommy does get do do some pretty cool solos too. Other really cool bands to check out are Sectas, Talk to Sheep,AFDL, Dog Will hunt, Nexus, Horneytoads, Militia, Trite. Tommy still keeps the hope alive for his personal project he is putting together with KOAMA.Current members are TOMMY, WADE and JOEY. With school and geography it makes it tough for them to get adequate practice, but if they remain patient and committed it will become something special. Keep the dream alive. LOVE METAL and it will love you. Another cool sight that Tommy had built by Christian of SECTAS is it has photos and Bio stuff. Check it out!!!