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Tommy Gibbons, Born February 9th of 1991 in Korea and raised in Arizona as a U.S. Citizen.

Parents: Tom and Mae Gibbons, Married for more than 27 years.

As of April, 2004 Tommy has played Guitar for a little over 2 years and practices daily 2-4 hours, music is his life, that's what he says and shows. His main influences are his teacher Pete Punckowski (623)939-0045, Christian Vasquez-Oliver of SECTAS "" , others are Dimebag Darrell, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde and Robin Trower.

Favorite Guitars.

Modified Dean with the wing headstock and Seymour Duncan dimebuckers on the bridge position which was installed by his dear friend Alex Reyes from Guitar Center. He also has a couple of  E.S.P.'s the skull and snake and the serpent Mr. Scary both of them George Lynch custom models, a Tom Anderson Classic, Ernie Ball, Jackson Soloist and and a Jackson signature Phil Collen with an amazing tremolo sustainer system, a Schecter and a Jackson Randy Rhoads.

Significant Accomplishments.

Tommy studied Korean Tang Soo Do Karate for nine years and has earned a 2nd degree Black Belt under the guidance of the Caulfield family at Luke Tang Soo Do in Goodyear. He won the 2000 International marital arts fighting competition, a major factor is Tom's confidence in a crowd under pressure. Tommy has a collection of over 50 trophies from Martial arts tournaments, He's proud of all of them and hopes to have the same success in Music as well.

Tommy won the stage one of Guitarmageddon at the Guitar Center on 27th ave. and Peoria in Phoenix Arizona, a very tough competition He was only 13 years old, the youngest of all.

 Gigs, Past and Future.

Performed a one hour guitar solo on December 3rd at Wigwam Creek Middle School in from of all the school students and staff. Played several of his own instrumentals and did some metal cover tunes, the crowd loved it big time! He has done Guitarmageddon, Performed an outdoor solo on April 10th for the city of Avondale at their spring social. Sang for the first time a couple of Metallica tunes and some of his own composition like Bearded dragons and Moods and Gladiator. Received a tremendous ovation from the big crowd. Tommy will also be opening on the rock metal festival on May 1st 2004 with the headlining band Talk to Sheep "".

Facts and Comments.

Tommy Has also founded a band called KOAMA, the "Ko" stands for "Korea", the "A" form "America", the "M" for "Metal" and the "A" is for "Assault"


The current members of Koama are Tommy Gibbons on guitars, Wade Manella Lead Vocals and Joey Stroud on Drums, Wade is the most recent addition, as a fact none of them are older than 13 years old!!!

"Check the New Times every Thursday in the AZ, Republic, they have Metal show listings. Metal will rule again, "Hey, hey my, my, rock and roll will never die" (Neil Young), and for all of your doubters, here are my words about metal, WE ARE MOVING FORWARD WITH MOMENTUM AND STRAIGHT BACK DOWN IS WHERE WE SENT THEM!!! ROCK ON, SHRED METAL AND KEEP IT ALIVE!!!.

Most recently 2 local newspapers did stories about Tommy, "The West Valley View Weekly"  did a great story in the March 31st of 2004 edition, Mike Klaussen did the 3/4 page story on Tommy winning the Guitarmageddon and to Him we're thankful. Mike has traveled and interviewed big acts in the metal business and had a very positive view of the future of metal. Go to ""  and look under the music story in the VIVA section. Rock on Mike! We know you're a great friend and supporter of the Metal community.

The other story was made by a Korean newspaper called "The Arizona Korean Weekly", It was done at the Takamatsu Restaurant on 43rd ave and Dunlap, where Tommy did a mini concert for the story writer and to all the people at the eating place, because of Tommy's Korean ancestry the story was of special interest to them, We thank you all for your support and by the way THE FOOD IS AWESOME!! you can call (623)842-0400 for reservations, try the Kalbi or marinated chicken and sushi.

Check out Tommy's Dad website: