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I am Thor Svenson; you may know my work and that I am widely regarded as one of the most exciting writers of horror fiction in the USA today.

This page has been created to tell you about my two latest novels...and to give you a chance to contact me directly with your questions.

Unlike some of my fellow authors, I don't spam other web-users with unwanted and unsolicited mail or plague guestbooks with self-advertising messages.  But, if you are interested in my books, I'll be glad to hear from you :)

Lured back to Carpathia, a country he left as a boy, Vlad Schitske discovers that he has sprang from a lineage of time-ridden evil. Will he accept his apparent destiny and become part of the hellish dynasty that has recalled him from his life in New York (where he works as an in-demand fashion photographer) or will he put aside the power and riches which his bloody relatives offer?

Vlad has been followed to his native land by Louise Brookes, a CIA operative who believes that he is involved with a drugs and white slavery racket. Also on his trail is Professor Ernst Lugner, a man obsessed with destroying everything that the Schitske clan stands for.

This is a story which is as compelling as it is terrifying; a tale which will freeze your blood and make you unwilling to spend the night alone.

Enjoy A Sample Of "Ancient Evil"

The seventh and latest novel set in the nightmare realm of Kolakan. Tara was born a slave and she knows nothing of her origins or her heritage. She knows only that she must obey her Master or, by the unmoving laws of Kolakan, forfeit her life. Yet Tara has a secret power, a gift that even she is unaware of...she is an Arrassian, a synthetic shape-shifter who will transform into a ravenous beast whenever she experiences  the peak of sexual pleasure. Her Master has decided to take her virginity...he is unaware that he is probably condemning himself (and others) to death!   

Enjoy A Sample Of "The Synthetic Flesh"

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