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Peru, IN

Okie Pinokie

(1)Turn LEFT onto IN-124/W 600 S.
(2)Turn RIGHT onto S 775 W.
(3)Turn LEFT onto W ELLIOTT RD.
(4)Turn RIGHT onto 700 E/800 W.
(5)Turn RIGHT onto CR-40 N/E RIVER RD.
(6) RIVER RD. becomes COOPER RD.
(7) Follow COOPER until you see a NO TRESSPASSING gate on the left.
(8) END at Okie Pinokie (have to walk/gate is locked)

Haunted Story:
You will soon after see a small cluster of pillars at the entrance of a gravel road. This site used to be swampy and marshy and there have been at least 8 decaying bodies found there (reported by Mississinewa staff). This site may be an old burial ground of some sort or battlefield, as to the thousands of spirits hiding within the trees. You will walk down this gravel road, and the trees will begin to swarm and intertwine above you. You will then come to a circle. Getting out the car, it is said that if you whistle, someone will begin whistling with you from deep in the forest. It is also said that a noise like a pig squeel and dogs barking can be heard like it is right next to you. And last but NOT least, you will hear screams like a small child is being tortured; supposedly it is a 7-year-old girl named Stephanie. Also, traveling a long a path you will find a tree that has indents that appear to be much like deer antlers; HOWEVER, these are horizontal instead of vertical and have a place for an opposable thumb.

Our Testimonial:It took us forever to find this site. The initial directions said River Road, however this is on Cooper Road (what River Road turns into). It is gated off, so it was difficult to find. However once we found it, it was definately Okie Pinokie. We attempted to cut the lock on the gate, however our bolt cutters weren't large enough. That meant that we had to walk. Walking, we saw the cluster of pillars, and soon the trees began to ingulf us. It was a bit intimidating however, we kept on. Soon we came to "the circle." There were many paths running off of this road, so we weren't sure which one ot take. On top of all of that, there were misquitos attacking us left and right. We walked down to the watery part (remember it used to be a swamp). We saw a cadillac, and were afraid someone might be out here. Upon closer inspection though, we realized the cadillac had previous Indiana plates (before 2004), meaning it had been there for a while. We traveled down a couple different paths that led into high grass. This whole time I was trying to figure out why 8 decomposed bodies had wound up in this area. On our way back out, we saw some other things that were way out of place, such as a moving truck with the back open and most of the stuff still in it. It appeared to have been there for a little while. There were no houses out here, except nearby farms and such, it all seemed kind of wierd. Then it hit me, why would there be all these vehicles out here, looking abandoned. Where are the owners, and why does this moving truck still have the things in it. If you link that with the bodies, it appears that maybe someone or something is murdering people. That could explain the abandoned vehicles, and the decomposed bodies. I didn't really want to stay around and investigate, so we got out of there. We intend on going back with some more lights and such. If you come here, be careful, it appears to be very dangerous. Make sure someone knows where you are in case you don't come back!!!