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Scary Stories

Welcome to Scary Stories!!


Update! - Important!
I made the pages a lot smaller but the art looks very crappy now, if you want the normal size e-mail me with the topic "Comic Size" and tell me to make the comic the normal size again or you could e-mail me with the topic "Comic Size" and tell me to keep it this size. Also you could e-mail me for the actual size of the comic so you can compare it to the the comic size that I have it right now and it'll be the same topic name but just ask me for the actual size.
6/15/05 Sorry! I missed two updates but I have a good reason why! It's summer and I'm doing fun stuff like swimming and hanging out with friends, not only that but I'm going on vacations soon! I have to pack, pack, pack, and get ready. Not only that though but my grandfather died a month ago but me and my mom just found out about that yesterday. :( A hiatus page will soon be up and I might add 1 or 2 little profile pics for a little comic replacement. (Hopefully -.-) - is lazy x.x
6/11/05 The site has a store now! Right now I only have a shirt on sale and it's called "Sea Witch". She's the person from the first page of Chapter 1. Anyway new layout and everything and new tagboard color. Hopefully soon some more T-shirts and posters will be added to the store. Also I'll put up paypal soon on the site so you can donate money if you want to. If you donate you'll recieve an extra mini comic and a wallpaper image.
6/9/05 Sorry the pages are so big, I'll work on it and make them a lot smaller also in a week or so I'm going to get a new host but I'll keep you guys informed about that.


* Pg 3 (chapter 1) - 6/9/05
* Pg 2 (prologue) - 6/9/05
* Pg 1 (prologue)- 6/8/05

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