The newlyweds were terribly shy when it came to sex, so instead
of simply saying, "Let's fuck," they'd say, "Washing machine."

One night the dude puts his arms around his wife and asked,
"Washing Machine?"

"Not tonight honey," she replied. "I'm tired."

He rolled away from her, but in a couple of minutes he began
stroking her thighs and once again ventured. "Washing machine?"

"Darling, I'm really tired." she said. "Beside the point I
have a headache."

Sighing deeply, the guy moved back to his own side of the bed
and was silent. His wife began thinking about the conjugal
obligation to keep him happy, and soon she turned to him and
whispered. "Washing Machine."

"That's okay." he replied with a yawn. "It was a small load,
so I did it by hand."



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