I'm not feeling very romantic these days.. I look in the mirror and I see nothing.

I am ugly and useless.

I know no one could want me.

 so I am not feeling very romantic

I'm not feeling very religious these days...

would a god let me go through this hell?

would he let me suffer this way?

 besides, I have to hide my sins...
so I'm not feeling very

I'm not feeling very happy these days.
I try to smile but it just looks fake.
I try to laugh, but nothing comes out..
I look for a light, but it is all dark.
so Im not feeling very happy...

I'm not feeling very loved these days...

. I am so empty and lost. I am always alone.
nobody loves me for me..

.so Im not feeling very loved.

I'm not feeling very trusting these days.

The people I love the most, lie to me

I lie to myself. the truth is something I rarely see
so I'm not feeling very trusting

I'm not feeling very
these days. I hide away in my room.
In the corner.... in the dark
like a wounded animal...
so I'm not feeling very human.

I'm not feeling much
these days. I wish I could love you..

.Anything but this nothingness.

.my joy is gone and so am I..

.I'm not feeling much except...

I'm feeling hate these days. I hate this hell you put me in. I hate this world we live in and I hate what I have become...I do hate.