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Fun Fun Fun. So much fun we died...*snaps finger*

Here is a list of fun things to do. They most likely we have done or tried to do or we plan on doing. None are made up Snit so no boo hooing, Or Teresa's bf (Barney) with eat you. (FYI I hate Barney)

1. Dress up in all different kinds of things, like....
Clown wings
Baseball Gloves
Funny looking hats
BIG sun glasses
Carry Sloves, Pens, Or string tied to your hair
Anything and everything! Now just walk around outside and wave to cars and kids and everybody. Say stupid things like...
"I am Clown hear my nose!"
"Who wants to join the circus?"
"Jesus lives in my pants"
Have fun! :-D

2. Follow people in the mall and after they look at something and put it down. Pick it up and sniff it or look at it just like they did. When they tell a joke to a friend, laugh with them. And if you get close enough behind them..........sniff there hair or something. It always creeps people out. It's funny.

3. Call anybody you know or don't know but change your voice and ask them to come pick you up in there dubber ducky boxers. Say "Hello, will you be so kind and come pick us up in your rubber ducky boxers? Nothing but the boxers?" and keep talking to them till they hang up. Or call random people and just start talking.

4. When you're in a store, walk around like you're going to steal something and keep doing that until they throw you out. Or if you don't throw you out (that stupid old lady. lol. oh sorry) steal something. 0:-)

5. Put fake blood on your mouth and walk into a store like nothing is wrong until somebody says something, if nobody does put some in your mouth and cough so it gets all over the place then act like you're just realizing it and run to a bathroom and wash it off.

6. If you're at the store with a younger sister or brother ask them to call you mommy/daddy and walk around the store like that. Get a guy/girl to be your "bf/gf" and walk holding hands and stuff. People will stare like you're crazy.

7. In a mall if there are little kiddy rides, crame as many friends into them as you can and put money in it. Start laughing and acting like a little kid when the ride stops and whine when it ends. *nods head*

8. At any drive threw, go up two that speaker thingy and order something but don't get in a car. Walk through it. Order something REALLY big then simply walk off. Don't pay for it or anything just walk off. then the person behind you gets your order and hell breaks lose. Muahaha. Good times. Dang those cops.


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