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About our music

The instruments include

Coal-Powered...Thing pride themselves on providing their fans with convincing recreations of all of these instruments. It takes a lot of hard work and rehearsals to perform at the level which they constantly maintain.

The band have recently been working hard on their debut album but have taken time out from their activities to skiffle up some renowned tunes. Notably, these included "Walking Back To Happiness", "Rubber Biscuit", "Copacabana" and "My Ding-A-Ling". The band have also been striving to achieve a perfect rendition of the opening title tune from the hit TV show "Angel".

Due to the immense amount of talent in Coal-Powered...Thing, the girls are able to turn their musical hands to just about anything they are presented with, including Jewstin Timberlake and 70's classics such as "Feels Like I'm In Love" (boo boo..)

In the future, the band hope to work on some original compostions, possibly with the introduction of more instruments. Watch this space for upcoming songs entitled, "Where's the Pollen, Brian?", "Can you smell poo?" and "No really, where's the bloody pollen, Brian?"

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