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About the band

Our History...

Coal-Powered...Thing are a tribute band to the late, great Electric Leg. In the cause of publicity the band has had to alter the name slightly so as not to attract the wrong kind of punters.

The band were formed in the bedroom of The Bountifully Breasted One whilst listening to the debut album of the aforementioned GODS. During a moment of sheer adulation whilst singing along to 'My Baby Wrote Me A Leeeeeeeeeeeetter' (a leeeeeeeeeeeetter of lurve) the girls began joining in on their own skiffle apparatuseseses.

Thus began their journey (yesterday) into an imaginary world of mimed instruments and vocal accompaniments. So far, the band have great plans for their debut album - "The Skif That Forgot To Shine: Coal-Powered...Thing Sing the Hits of Electric Leg".

They have even bigger plans for their second album - "Are You Gay?: Coal-Powered...Thing Sing the Hits of Andrew Lloyd Webber."

There are also plans for a Christmas tour, in which Coal-Powered...Thing intend to crucify well-loved carols (but not Caroles) in favour of their own versions: The 12 Days of Poo, Silent Fart, When Santa Got Stuck Up The Skiffer and other family favourites.

The band are pleased to announce that they are now under the new management (NOT LITERALLY YOU DIRTY GIT) of The Spleen [Who has the highly hilarious postcode that ends in PU...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha]. They are very excited about the infinite amount of wisdom and guidance he is able to provide from his copious amount of years on this Earth. Well, when he's not drunk anyway...

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming gigs. When we get them.