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Pics of the victim before modification........




The case was completely stripped of all cables and hardware, and top panel taped.......



Exposed metal was lightly sanded and cleaned with denatured alcohol, and 2 coats of primer applied.......


Hard drive cage, 3.5 drive bay, and motherboard tray received same treatment.......


Results after a few coats of Rust-Oleum Midnight Black Metallic and clear coat....



1.  The rivets that held the top panel on where drilled out and replaced with Allen head cap screws.

2.  Pic of the devil head fan drills installed with Allen head cap screws.


 1.              2.


3.  I painted some cap screws bright red

4.  The red cap screws where used in place of the rivets that held the side window on.  Makes for easy window replacement too!


3.                4.


5. Final result with a pentagram window applique added.



The CD-ROM and CD-RW where stealthed.  Red and yellow flame decals from where added for effect.  I tried a LED devil head case badge from , I had to do some cutting to get the LED's to fit behind the bezel.  Looks better than the stock Lian-Li badge!  I wanted lighted case feet but I found something better.  A glowing PC base from .  The blue power LED was replaced with a yellow LED.


Some pics of the results so far....more to come




























































































































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