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Algorithms and Data Structures
Labs 03/04

David Rydeheard and Graham Gough

Last updated: 30 April 2004

This web version of the lab description may contain material not in the original paper version. Any such differences will be highlighted.
There will be 5 laboratory sessions of 2 hours each for this course.

The exercises will involve the invention and implementation of algorithms for given computational tasks, and assessing their performance. Your algorithms should, of course, be correct - do what they are designed for - but, in addition, you should consider efficiency of algorithms - how well they perform on various inputs. You will be asked to represent data structures in programming languages and use data abstraction as a program design and structuring tool.

The exercises involve the implementation of algorithms and data structures in Java. You should have your first year material to hand so that you are prepared to use them in the exercises.

For all the exercises you should prepare the material (algorithms, data structures and outline code) before the laboratory session. If not, you will be wasting your own time and your laboratory session, and you are likely to miss deadlines.

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Graham Gough