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Welcome, Bienvenue, Willkommen, Yo koso,
Heni odjen, Bienvenidos, and Fair faa ye.

Thanks for visiting us! In this crazy cyber-world its good to know we still have friends.
Our spew page is curently under construction and will be up and running very soon.

If you would like to email me a picture for posting or to just say "high" send

Have you seen Jordan? I can't finish building this site without my brother Jordan. However finding him has become a bit of a "where's Waldo in the 3rd world." He was last seen running naked through the jungles of Papaewjuanei. Here is a recent photo of him. If you find him please return him to me, Liam, so we can finally finish this damn thing.

UPDATE!! 5-9-05


Jordan has been found! Early saturday morning a group of novice sasquatch hunters stumbled across a disheveled but generally well kempt Jordan meandering about forest outside of Seattle Washington mumbling something about "Papaewjuanei grapefruit torture". Not sure what to make of the situation the bigfoot hunters promptly tranquilized Jordan and gave him top billing at a local fair under the title of "Alan: The Albino Swamp Ape" where he commanded the goodly sum of three and a half tickets to be viewed in all his trogladytic glory. Jordan remained at the fair until monday afternoon when he was discovered by his brother Liam who, after much protest from the well meaning scientists assigned to what has been dubbed "Project:WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?!?!", was able to convince his brothers captors that Jordan was indeed a member of the human race (despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary)and he was released into his brothers custody on the condition that Jordan continue to make three weekly appearances at the fair, and that they retain the right to option Jordans story to FOX as they have expressed an interest in a miniseries adaptation of his strange tale. More on this story as it developes.