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I Love Enrique Iglesias!

Enrique Iglesias Preysler was born on May 8,1975 in Madrid, Spain, to Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler. In 1979, Enrique's parents divorced. He was 8 years old when he moved to the U.S. and at the age of 15, he secretly began writing music. He studied business administration at Miami University for a year before he dropped out to pursue a music career. On September 25th, 1995, 5 years later, when Enrique was almost 21, he realeased his first album. Enrique's 2nd album, which was recorded in Spanish, was released on January 29th, 1997. More great albums followed: "Vivir", "Cosas Del Amor", "Enrique", "Escape" and "Quizas'" All together, Enrique has sold over 15 million albums world- wide!

Has two half twin sisters, Cristina and Victoria. Sisters: Chabeli, Tamara and Ana. Brothers: Julio Jose and Michael Alexander.


Decided to part with his trademark mole after a doctor told him it could become cancerous.

He is half Spaniard and half Filipino.

His favorite food is Sushi, but he says he's also a big fan of fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King and Taco Bell.


Here he is with Anna, his girlfriend,
She needs to take her hands off my man!!!!

Best Moment of my Life!

I actually got to meet him!
That is me, in the black.
he smelled SO good! And is so beautiful in person it broke my heart.
I was So excited

This is just some random hunk with a nice butt.