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Smoking Man


Name:- Well isn't that part obvious?

Age:- I can smoke that makes me above 16 , I haven't got cancer so , somewhere below 60?, Maybe

Appearance:-  Have you ever seen God , whichever one you believe in? I don't care which but when you do finally see him , you know what I look like , now aren't you impressed?

Likes:- Well I wonder , its small white and got an orange end,

Some people say I use sarcasm quite alot , me NEVER!


Dislikes:- Drinking Man, well you expecting someone else?

now everything dear to me has been mentioned , I hate everything else for that matter,

 Control Freaks, yeah they get a mention and it isn't because they're pretty 


Smoking Man:- Rights that's it from me drinking man anything you wish to add? ( rhetorical question )

Drinking man:- Yeah, because I can't tell a rhetorical question when I see it.....Wait, yes I can, moron! I do have to say you seem a bit full of yourself in the appearance section, but as a wise man once said, if you're not full of yourself, no one else will be full of you... I do hope someone out there gets that joke! Nope, I think I'm just about done..... other than the whole you hating me part..... that hurts man...... *sniffles*