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Have you Ever had a                                      If your starting  to wonder why we                                 If Your sad enough to

Thought You wish someone                        keep using certain phrases, the smart                             want to know about us

had heard, well now we                               people amongst you could always find out!                         Click here mofo!

 write it down.


 Smoking Man:- Haha we dragged you here , our plan worked , I mean errr Hi how you doing , Im as you can imagine Smoking man and your at Rant Central  which poor soul dragged you here? Anyway Have a look around im sure you see something err .......Fitting for you in devotion to reality, and for all you morons out there Backgrounds is devoted just so you can join in our 'fun' , and all you sad excuses for human beings go to the site slavers section for all your stalking needs.

Drinking Man:- Word up homies, or for all you people who speak real English, hello and welcome! Pardon my friend, the doctors say it isn't his fault, and even if it was, we're all entitled to a little rant now an again.......Right? Now I'm pretty sure the links have at least some kind of explanation as to what they are, so go my children of the night....... *thinks* Damnit!! wrong identity..... just explore the site already!