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Drinking Man


Name:-  I've got to say, I really don't want to tell you, so HA! 

Age:- Now this would just serve to help all those detective types to find out who I am, so yet again, no answer

Appearance:- Would anyone believe me if I said I was twelve feet tall with long flowing golden locks of hair? No..... well tough shit then! 

Likes:- Well I'm sure at least one of those is obvious...... after that it just gets a little complicated, but I have been known to use a hint of sarcasm on occasion..........

Dislikes:- I am extremely anti-social, so people have to be pretty high on the list. Next..... that would have to be being sober, is that why I got my name? That's what I'm told but I can't see it to be honest..... But I must say, STUPID PEOPLE..... talk about bane of my existence!!!


Drinking Man:-This is probably the part where smoking man uses some of his patented sarcasm, oh well.... you've probably got bored of reading by now so what he says won't matter anyway, and as an after thought....... HA I rule!


Smoking Man:- You rule? BAH! I see no crown atop of your flowing golden locks , I know its a long way up but fuck me my sight isn't that bad is it? wow your sarcastic , that's like saying the popes Jewish ( Don't get me started , on Jews or the pope for that matter).