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Wednesday, 3 March 2004

I..seriously...dont know..
Ok, I have no clue what I'm actually doing. Feels kinda like algebra class. I hate that class. The teacher is a freakin monkey! Not really, he just looks like one. When am I EVER gonna need the stuff that I learn in Algebra anyways? Heck if I know. I'm surprised I have a decent grade in that class.
Know what movie I went and saw today? "The Passion of the Christ" Yeah, That movie. What can I say? I cried half of the time. And it lasts about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Thats a lot of crying. "The Passion" Really touched me. I'm serious. From my last couple entries you mind think im cold hearted, or I have no feelings for anyone else. But I do. It was just wow! I had no idea it was like that. I left the theater with tear-stained cheeks and a whole new outlook on my faith. If you ever get the chance i suggest you go see that movie. Even if you dont believe in God, or the Bible. Maybe it can change your mind.
BUT! Through out the whole movie, there were a few people that really pushed my buttons. "I dont understand. Whats this about?" Then! I see those people walking out crying! WHAT THE FRICK?! You didnt even understand what was going on! Why did you cry? You're stupid. Geez, you dont understand and you're crying. I think you people are crying just because other people are crying and you want to "fit in" Oh well, not my place. I cried cause i finally realized what Jesus did for ME. He died for ME. and he died for YOU. When He was on the cross, He wasnt thinking of himself. He was thinking about every single one of us. I dont mean to sound like a priest. But it's true...I'm serious. Go see that movie. My best friend, who didnt believe in God and i got to go to see "The Passion" She is now going to FCA with me. (FCA = Fellowship of Christian Athletes). I was truely shocked. The movie turned her whole perspective on her beliefs. She even cried! Which made me want to cry. My friend, she's a tough girl and she doesnt usually cry. and neither do I. But "The Passion of the Christ" is such a powerful movie. It really is.
NOW..People make me mad. Like the ones who didnt understand but were crying anyways. The people who like to make fun of other people then copy off them. What?! I'm sorry, that isnt right. People who ridicule and poke fun at people. That isnt right what ever the circumstance. Just because..nevermind. I forgot what i was gonna say. Well, I guess I'll leave. talk to ya all later.

Posted by scary/psychopathicdork at 7:09 PM CST
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Wednesday, 25 February 2004

My Blogs = A Place To Rant
Have you watched the news lately? ...Neither have I. Why would I? It's more like entertainment these days anyways. The News casters hate their job just as much as kids hate school. Who wants to bring people bad news every single day? It's freaking depressing. The people on CNN dont seem to pleased with their jobs. *shrugs* i dont watch the news. Its stupid. Almost as stupid as school. Im sure you've been to school lately, unless you're fortunate to either be young enough where you dont have to (which im sure none of you out there are, cause if you were that young you wouldnt be able to read this) or you have graduated. (You lucky offence) The only reason I go to school is to be around my friends and out of the house. Learning is like..a bonus. Kinda bogus, but either way, i have to go. *angst* Grr. Valentine's Day is over..thank God. I seriously hate Valentines Day. It is by far one of the WORST fake holidays they've come up with. Seriously, i hate it. You might be saying, she only says that cause she doesnt have anyone. Hey, you're wrong, i do have someone. But i still think it sucks. It should just be "Happy Greeting Card and Candy Company Support Day" Valentines Day..pff. What a joke. Whats the next holiday? St. Patricks Day? I dunno. But that holiday is cool cause anyone not wearing green you get to pinch them and inflick PAIN on them. Halloween, now thats a Holiday. You get free candy! What's better than that?! Plus you can dress up and look...nice. ¬_¬; hmm. What else to talk about. Music. Yes, music. Music is my life, i either want to be in the music business or cartooning. and if both of those fail, i guess i'll be a teacher of some sort. I like MOST kinds of music. Mostly Rock and punk and ska. Stuff like that. None of this Brittney Spears or Christina..howeveryouspellherlastname bull shit. Is it just me or have most female pop singers become sluts/whores/nasty bitches? Maybe its just me.. But Tsunami Bomb..thats what im talking about. They're awesome.Female singer..i love her, and i dont even know her name. So is Disturbed, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Mindless Self Indulgence (heh..Frankenstein Girls..), KoRn, and Adema. Yeah buddy! I dont really watch TV anymore. I'm mostly always on my computer, cause that's were all my music is. So i couldnt really tell you my favorite show or anything. But Invader Zim. Not your regular Nickelodean show. it's actually semi-evil. I like it, i have a few episodes on my computer. RANTing...i need to do it. but im afraid i'd scare you. So i'll just rant to myself. later!

Posted by scary/psychopathicdork at 7:15 PM CST
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Ok, i figured out that i was doing this all wrong. And it may take me forever to figure this all out before i actually get anything done. But i did figure out how to get a file up. I have one up and workin on the next. But im sure you probably dont care. Or do you?

Posted by scary/psychopathicdork at 6:36 PM CST
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