Ambulance picking up a gun shot victim

The day after the time Kev hit me in the face with a baseball at night

Danielle in Austin's Class circa 2003

After getting rained on, at ESPNzone with the Lindros Jersey

A cuban guy pushing our luggage through Orlando International

Goofyass John being shady outback Shelmire St.

Kev , Rob and Ed outside HolFam before going into graduation

John holding up his door becasue it's ghetto

Mike Sanchez being... Mike Sanchez

The pimpest mini-van in Central Flordia

Patton kicking my ass in mini-golf

Zelly trying to hard


Qunzer fuckin me up in Guenthers circa 2003

Patton and Rush sleeping on the plane home

The No Waiting in Line at Universal Studios Pass of Shame

Tommy outback Shelmire

The only reason I went to Guenther's class in 12th grade

Kelly and Rob and 67th and 5th

My mom sleeping on the couch

Rush's Class. The best damn class ever

I'm so proud of my brother

Rob is hot!

Steffie hearts SoCo

new! Kelly and Amanda

new! A common theme of a buncha people on a couch drunk

new! More of that common theme

new! More drunking Manor College shame

new! Bill and his suburban counterpart, Anthony

new! Philly Sports door of shame and Princess's christmas/kwanzaa/chanukkah/mlk day/black history month/valentines day/st. patrick's day/easter/april fool's day/cinco de mayo/flag day present

new! See what drugs, alcohol and malnurtishment does to you! It makes you look like a zombie from Resident Evil

new! "Mommy, when I grow up I want a 19 year old financee and take pictures of her in a photo booth!"

new! Evidence that Bill's girlfriend isn't just a cut out of the Import Tuner's Girl of the Month

new! At Dewhursts House

new! Rob and Dew with sluts on a couch

new! More Dewhursts House shame

new! Dew's last day alive

new! Rob Cowie circa 2000

Vince is excited Megan is doing what she knows best

Rob and Tim drinkin booze

Proof Bill'ls girlfriend isn't make believe from the Perk Delusions

Rob signing waivers at the hospital proclaiming he can't sue if he dies there. (I'm sorry to say he lived)

Tim drinking. I think he needs some to hit up them AA meetings.

Rob the 15 year old (her name doesn't matter) and Dave at Kev's

Rob sad after another Eagles playoff dissapointment

Rollin squad at Pat Shamrocks

Gangsta Jenn and Rob

Nick's House

Nick , Jimmy and Dummy pre-gaming pre-game

Nick and The Negro

Nick recovering after the Eagles letdown

Kev shadily drinking

D.O and Dummy

Angie confused doing jigsaw puzzles

Shamefull 10 dollar bill

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