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Nelly Fan

Wuz up I'm a major Nelly Fan so dont you dare say that you like him because I like him more. and now about my friends. Lindsey-crazy, burst out loud, says wutever she wants to say..... she is in love with Benji!! Jessie- very. very crazy, weird kind of words.!! she is freaky sometimes, and scary too! She is punkified. Megan-gymnasticy, she'd be discribed as a dork, or a dumb. But I dont mind... Summer- she used to be obsessed with Joe. Now she hates hiz guts. She'z kinda( no not kinda), shes really goofy!! But it doesnt matter! Katie-there arent enough words to discribe Katie, goofy,silly,preppy,smart, and the list goz on and on and on... Shelby- nickname is shelbob only her friends call her that. Ed Whitney called her that once, she got sooo mad!!she iz punkified too( not really).... Janelle- nell bar iz short, She iz really outspoken . More than anyone that I know!!... Her best friend iz sonni. They are both great at gymnastics.Well that iz pretty much most of my friends. If I forgot anyone Than I'm really sorry. But anyways so, i might wight more L8er, But for now, I gotta go!!