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Fun times in Leavenworth!

Aimee,me and Liz in LEAVENWORTH! This was the most awesome field trip ever. German is sooooo awesome, thats why everyone should take it. ha. It was a very cultural experience. The snow was the best part. Ah we were frozen after prancing around in it for hours, but yet . . . it was worth it, every second. And take note that that was "the hill" that Liz went tumbling down . . . landing on her head, while taking on the phone. tisk tisk. It was a nice hill though.

Carly and Me.

It was so freezing outside. But yet so much snow . . . and the mountains in the background are beautiful. So amazing. Really. *sigh* If only we could go there more then once a year. Alisha and Eric didn't know what they were missing. Such a shame they had to get sick at a time of such . . . exictment. The Frau store . . . . dun dun dun. hahaha.