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San Francisco

In sixth grade we and the other members of Girl Scout Troop 1081 went on a grand adventure to the glorious SAN FRANCISCO! Mari had a badge with a snowman on it. I had more badges than her. Maybe. Anyhow. It was awesome. Good memories. Especially when Mrs. Creason called the police.

The Group

Here is the group. Ah yes but I am missing. Kristina and Kasey and Andrea went together. Plus Jaime. Then Me and Mari were a team of course. And then Sabrina was the odd duck. Also of course.

The Hostel

Ah yes and here we are in the lovely accomodations with the whole group.

Basic Brown Bear Factory

We made bears here.


This is the crepe man. <3 He makes crepes!!!

The Vehicle

Well now this would be Terri and uhm, yes that one is Sabrina's mom. There on the right is mari of course in the back is our huge honker of a vehicle.