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More Friends.

Eric and KC.

Catherine took this picture and i'm not quite sure why. KC is the one in the red jacket and Eric is the one not in a red jacket. I don't think KC wanted his picture taken, I just get a weird drift . . .oh well.

Liz,Vanessa and Me.

As you must know, I did not take this picture. Liz is doing the innocent cute smile and Vanessa is apparently falling asleep. And I don't really know what the heck i'm doing, but we should look past that . . . All is well.

So Much Speed.

This picture is a tad bit blurry. But from like 6 feet away it doesn't quite look as bad . . .really. Anywayz this was a groups picture of Michelle,Catherine,Ann and Hunter. Catherine was forced to be in it . . . hehe. And Hunter wanted to be in it so he could look sexy. How interesting . . .