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More Friends.

Kids Fighting Cancer buds.

These are just a few of my relay for life buds, where we help raise money to fight against cancer. Such a good cause indeed. Don't they all look happy? Just so ya'll know, everyone bought my cupcakes. hehehe. From Left:Millie, Nabiha, Rose, Carly, Katie, Niamh.

My dancin, hyper friends.

Now don't they just look so happy? They are dancing because finals are almost over! What a good reason to celebrate. hehehe.From Left:Glacia, Aimee, Ann, Carly, Rebecca.

Hey . . . tolo is over . . .

This would be Alisha and Glacia holding up a "tolo, anyone?" backpack. Though tolo is already over . . . They are already ready to stake out the guys for next year. hmm. How amussing.