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Best Friends Forever
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Check it out!

This is me and Carly on the big tolo night. Oh yes there are definately some good memories. Geez. We were so freaked out that day. How incredibley stressful. But it was so worth it! Don't we look fabulous? hehe

The Good Times.

This is me,Alisha and Carly. This was at Alisha's birthday sleepover. hehe. We never knew you could have so much fun on a slip n' slide. But NEVER try it on a tarp, that burns. Ouch.

Liz and her Magic Light Up Pen!

Liz found an amazing light up pen, that look much like her own, though it didn't light up . . . such a waste. Look at how happy she was . . . you can tell that, that was before she watched the movie in history. dun dun dun.

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