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lil ol ashley

name: Ashley Marie
Everyone calls me: LyLy
Other Nicknames:Ash, Ash-hole, Ashweed, Ashtray, Kiwi, Shorti, dork, basket, spazzmuch, squeeker
Height: 4'11
Weight: 125
Age: 17
DOB: 08.10.86
Sign: Leo
Pets: Cotie, Carlie, Chelsie, Barnie, Maggie, Callie, Sallie, Sammie, Bixbie, Hershie, Buffie
Fav color: pink
Likes:Shopping, Park Center Marching band & pep band, Drama Club!! ,My friends, Rubys Gloomy Place, Boys, *I wUv puNk rawK boYZ! Music, writing in my journals, Movies, watching MTV reality shows, working on this webpage, my hair, spongebob, Chicago, Orlando Bloom, The Olsen Twins, The Used, Evanescence
dislikes:Cheating, Illegal drugs, abortion, too much homework, being alone, feeling depressed, not winning parades, Ex boyfriends, people wanting to hurt your very badly
Goals: go to college* ; get Married me ;; Get a 3.5 GPA; make new friends; ; Be clarinet section leader in MB; be more confident :) get to 100 lbs
Favorite Scent: Cologne
Piercings: 2 holes in each ear :D I want to get my tongue & belly button
Fetish: Tongues. & Lips.

What prep label are you?

right now
Last Updated: 10.04.03 at 7:42 PM
Wearing: old navy sweatshirt & jeans
Hair: bad pony
Makeup: worn off
Accessories: class ring & scottish ring
Listening to: nothing
Thinking of: im hungry!
Chattin w/: jeremy