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.Upcoming Modifications to the game
  • Packmule turnes into a tank
  • Many different modern realistic weaponry, including handguns, rifles, submachine guns, machine guns and knives
  • A whole new Singleplayer/multiplayer map to play on.
  • New monsters
  • New npcs
  • New character clothes, faces and body types
  • Many military related "spells" such as handgrenade, flashbang, RPG(missile Launcher), Call airstrike, Call for backup (summons).
  • Many huge game changes including -
  • the ability to have more summons (more than one unit of backup)
  • The ability to control your summons
  • Adjust the camera to first person view(optional)
  • The ability to move and attack with the keyboard, joystick or gamepad(optional)
  • Huge changes to the code of the game, the idea of camoflauge, the player can sneak around in bushes without being detected.
  • More well defined night and day

  • (c)2004 Sean Wolfe, for non-commercial use only, not to be replicated in any form